7 Incredible things you won’t see outside of Dubai

Dubai has become a magical city thanks to money and crazy planning, You will see some strange pictures that are impossible to see in any other city or country in the world except there.

1. Air transport

Did you know that renting a helicopter in Dubai is very easy, of course, Dubai is one of the cities that suffers from severe traffic congestion, but there is no problem, your car can be transported by helicopter to any place you want to go.

2. Exotic Animals As Pets Is A Trend

Breeding lions, tigers, and leopards are very normal in Dubai. The presence of these animals accompanied by citizens there is almost a normal matter. When you walk around the city center and see a tiger accompanied by one of the residents walking, do not be afraid and not be surprised, just keep walking.

3. Luxury cars are abandoned by the thousands

In some cities, you hardly see luxury cars. In Dubai, however, you see luxury cars from top brands, including Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes, abandoned by the thousands. This is very unfortunate.

The main reason for this is the Sharia law, which states that anyone who does not pay the installments for their car will go to jail. Therefore, people prefer to flee rather than face a prison sentence.

4. Food and gold

Gold in Dubai is not only worn by women for the sake of adornment but it is also eaten as food. Some restaurants in Dubai use gold powder in cooking their food for the rich only.

Buying gold bars in Dubai You do not have to go to jewelry stores, as there is a machines dedicated to that, such as machines for buying soda and potato chips.

5. Underwater hotels

Certainly, every country in the world owns a group of luxury hotels, but in Dubai, there are types of hotels that you will only find inside it, as there are hotels that were built partly underwater among hundreds of fish.

6. Free food

Most shops in Dubai provide places to buy food for free for people who cannot pay, especially the working group there.

Living in Dubai change the mindsets of citizens. Most people there do not think about how to live, but rather try to become a millionaire because of the many opportunities there.

7. The crime rate is zero

The UAE occupies advanced ranks in the global peace index, the reliance of the police forces in Dubai on advanced technology has made them the best in the world, undisputedly superior to many of their older counterparts in terms of foundation. Technology is not only the most important weapon of the Dubai police, as it owns a fleet of high-speed Lamborghini cars as well.