A great success of Slovakian 3×3 basketball. The Slovakian reached the final

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Slovakian 3×3 basketball is once again a success this season. Not as a player, but as a referee. Veronika Malčeková took care of him.

The Slovakian referee was at the European Qualifier, FIBA ​​3×3 Nations League, the European Under-17 Qualifier and also the European Championship itself, where she even whistled the final.

How did she end up at the European U17 Championship? “The nomination came a little over a month before the tournament. I believe it was due to my work and good evaluations of my performances. In terms of importance, this tournament was certainly the pinnacle of my career so far. In terms of experience, thanks to gained a lot of new knowledge during these championships, reinforcing some prior knowledge and meeting some interesting people.” said Veronika Malčeková.

What does participating in such an international event mean for a referee? How much and what kind of experience will he gain there? “Even though it was my first European Championship, it was not my first international tournament. I already had some experience and experiences from previous matches, so I went to the European Championship with the aim of building on the foundations I had.

In this regard I can say that I have been able to exploit the potential of an opportunity like the European Championship and that I am getting more knowledge from it, be it confirming my direction, incorporating feedback into my work, new trends in 3×3 basketball and decision making, or interacting with people you can’t meet every day.”

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The appointment of the referee for the final game is a kind of reward for the performance throughout the tournament, or even a career. “It’s a huge satisfaction for everything I’ve experienced so far. Every nomination for an international tournament is a great honour, but the final gives it a bit of a different feeling.

It’s not always possible to see such instant results as the final is only delegated right before it takes place, after both semi-finals have been played, so it’s partly a picture of how I fared in the matches that took place that day, respectively. throughout the tournament.

On the other hand, the nomination certainly brings with it achievements from previous tournaments, as the people responsible for the nomination have also seen me at other events and also received information from authorized persons of each delegation I am a part of. Thanks to these factors, the chance to referee the final is the best evaluation of what I bring to the field as a 3×3 referee.”

Veronika Malčeková with other judges

Source: ŠPORT.sk

Was the final nomination a surprise to her or did she expect it to happen? “I know I’ve had good feedback on my performance over the past two matchdays and also the matches played that day as well as the final, so somewhere in there I was hoping the opportunity to whistle the women’s or men’s final would can come.

However, there were great umpires other than myself, and since none of us were limited to the men’s final (ie none had the same nationality as the two teams in the final), the door was open to all.

First I was waiting for the women’s competition for 3rd place, for which we didn’t know yet who would have the final. As soon as the competition was over, I went with my colleague to the other judges, who immediately informed me that I had the men’s final with my Greek colleague.

It was a surprise to me, but at the same time I felt that everything was falling into place. I was excited, my colleague and I got along very well throughout the tournament and as we’ve known each other for a while, we were both looking forward to living this milestone together.”

Was it the pinnacle of her career so far? “Certainly, not just the finals, but the entire European Championship are among the top 3 experiences of my 3×3 career. In terms of prestige and significance, it was my highlight so far,” Veronika Malčeková revealed.

The 3×3 basketball season is over for her this year. What will the 3-point basketball referee do for the rest of the year? “This year’s 3×3 season is over for me right now, but the classic basketball leagues are starting. My focus is going there right now.

We’ll see when the next 3×3 event nomination arrives. But until then, I’ll be staying in touch with the sport through the monthly FIBA ​​3×3 webinars and looking at the 3×3 tournaments still to be played in the 2022 season.

As for long-term goals, I would certainly like to continue the established trend of a job well done, and only time will tell what events it will take me to. However, I dream of the highest goals and I will do everything I can to make it happen.”

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