A new football phenomenon? Bratislava welcomes the 1vs1 football championship

9/2/2022 1:47 PM

At the beginning of September, the second championship in 1vs1 football will take place in Bratislava. It is a new football format, especially popular abroad.

It is a combination of football technique and skill of the player. Registration for the Czech-Slovak Championships is also available for amateur players.

The organizers have decided to combine the Czech Republic and Slovakia in one tournament so that fans can look forward to an interesting showdown of the best the Czech-Slovak 1vs1 football scene has to offer.

It will be a showcase of this attractive and fast sport. We wanted everyone to try 1vs1 football, so in addition to professionals, amateur players can also sign up for the championship. We believe that such events will contribute to the development of this format, it certainly has potential.” explains Marián Kvasňovský, organizer of the 2022 Czech and Slovak 1vs1 football championship.

The Championship in Bratislava, which takes place on September 8 at the Central department store in Bratislava, is the culmination of the 1vs1 Tour, which was tried this year by 1vs1 football fans from all over Slovakia.

I am convinced that 1vs1 football will entertain everyone. Because of this, it is played by professionals at international events, as well as by children and football fans. A great opportunity for Slovaks after the 1vs1 Tour is the Czech-Slovak Championship,” says Kvasňovský, who is proud to host an event for both Czechs and Slovaks.

40 players compete for the title of king of 1vs1 football. The top eight will receive financial or valuable prizes. During the championship, visitors can try out the latest game consoles or compete for gift cards.


  • September 8 at OC Centraal (10.00 – 15.30): training for the public
  • September 8th at OC Central (4:00pm – 8:00pm): Main Event

More information about the rules and prices on the MČSR 2022 website.

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