Baseball comes alive in Nitra, Atoms replace Giants – SME

The newly founded club Atoms Nitra has a great success to its name. In Topoľčany, he triumphed at the Toreros Cup tournament in the competition of six teams.

Baseball has its roots in America as far back as 1938. In this game, nine teams compete against each other. About ten years ago, the Nitra Giants baseball team operated in town under Zobor for a while. However, in 2013, the activity was discontinued.

This year, only 19-year-old Adam Petráš from Nitra took the initiative. He founded the club Atoms Nitra where he works as a manager and playing coach.

“I started the club in March, I recruited some young guys. In May, we were able to connect with guys who used to play for the Nitra Giants team, and thanks to that we got the chance to play in the 1st league We have been there in 2nd place since the start of the season,” says Adam Petráš. His team will play the next league games on September 5 in Topoľčany against the Košice Crows.

The new club is not yet having an easy time. “We train in Na Hôrka on an old baseball field, which is not maintained in any way and is not yet suitable for training, but it is the only place that is large enough. We hope that we will get more attention, either from fellow citizens of Nitra and the surrounding area, or from the management itself, so that we have better conditions to function,” Petráš added.

The Atoms Nitra team was successful at the Toreros Cup tournament in Topoľčany last weekend, where six teams competed. In the semifinals, Nitra defeated the home team with 14:3 and in the final they defeated Seals Košice with 13:3.

Atoms played for the tournament: Jaroslav Sitár, Erik Tužinský, Nicholas Tužinský, Simon Jonis, Nicolas Ryšavý, Róbert Nagy, Oskar Novák, Juraj Hedera, Adam Petráš, Roman Slíž, Heliam Álvárez, Michal Lenčéš, Ján Maris, Nikola.

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