Baseball: There is a unique Mickey Mantle baseball card for sale

NEW YORK. A unique baseball card of the legendary Mickey Mantle with his signature in near perfect condition is for sale in the form of an auction and could significantly surpass the previous records.

A card from 1952, ie exactly 70 years old, can cost an interested party up to eight figures in USD.

It has been on sale since Monday and will be available until August 27. Bidders have already bid 4.2 million USD.

The current record among sports cards is the $6.6 million for such memorabilia by another baseball player Honus Wagner from 1909, for which it was auctioned off last year.

In January 2021, another Mickey Mantle card sold for $5.2 million. In April 2021, the new owner paid the same amount for the card of basketball player LeBron James.

The most expensive hockey card is Wayne Gretzky’s card from his rookie season, and in December 2020 it was “only” auctioned for $1.29 million.

The current owner of the aforementioned baseball card will put his investment made in 1991 to good use. He then bought it for USD 50,000 and is now insured for more than 80 times the amount.

Mickey Mantle spent his entire career with the New York Yankees (1951 – 1968).

“Every time he came on the field, the crowd roared, he went crazy. And Mickey never let them down. He had the necessary charisma,” current cardholder Anthony Giordano, 75, said of Mantle.

“It’s time to give the card a new home. My boys and I have had it for over 30 years and we’ve loved it,” he added. Mickey Mantle died in 1995.

“The key in this case is the excellent condition of the card. The four sharp corners, the gloss and the colors literally jump off the card,” said Derek Grady, who is responsible for sporting goods auctions at Heritage Auctions, of the offered artifact.

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