Basketball: Czechoslovakian legend Boris Lukášik remembers his career

He attracted attention with his skill and game intelligence. He became a legend among the leaking baskets, contributing to the historically best placing of Czechoslovak basketball at the Olympics.

BORIS LUKÁŠIK (87) is the silver medal holder of the 1959 European Championship in Turkey, which was the last played under the open sky. Locals called him Velikán after his career and he became one of the first members of the Slovak Basketball Hall of Fame.

Since 1966 he has lived in a modest apartment in Handlova, where he gladly welcomed the editors of Sportnet.

What is the Meritorious Master of Sport doing today?

I’m already 87 years old, so I mostly rest. I recently fell and got an injury so I’m getting my health back on track. Otherwise I watch sports and appreciate every day. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles and meeting my children and grandchildren.

Do you live alone?

Yes. I have been widowed since 2000.

You have a few trophies on the shelf. Is that all you’ve earned in a rich career?

Absolutely not. I’ve never been a collector so most are with my son. I’ve put away some of the rarest diplomas and medals, which I pull out every now and then.

Do you also have a diploma for fifth place at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, where you were named the second All Star team of the tournament?

I have that. It was a fantastic achievement to remember. We were in excellent shape, close to the bronze medal. Unfortunately we lost it with small losses to Italy and Brazil.

Today a similar result would amount to a miracle.

What reward did you get for fifth place in the Olympics?

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