Basketball: Gabriela Andělová continues in Piešťanské Čajky

In Piešťanské Čajky, one more person will continue to play in the 2022/2023 season, who will forever be associated with winning the historic championship title. The club has reached an agreement on a further continuation with Czech point guard Gabriela Andělová.

The Czech representative has had a turbulent 2021/2022 season when she was sadly injured in a FIBA ​​European Cup qualifier at the end of September on the backboard of France’s Flammes Carolo Basket. A double fractured tibia kept her sidelined for nearly five months and she returned to deck on February 23. After her return, she got into form match after match, promoting to the final of the Nike Extraliga Women’s playoffs, where she was one of the central figures of the team and helped the Seagulls win the championship cup.

“I am very happy to have also signed a contract with the Seagulls for the next season. Last year I was seriously injured at the beginning of the season and the overall return was difficult for me. The way they accepted me and for me however, in Čajky was incredible and I am very grateful to them for that I enjoy how everyone here lives from basketball and also the general atmosphere of this city. Thanks to that we were able to win a historic championship and I look forward to what the future. I hope that we will build on this success in the Eurocup and be a competitive team here. I am already looking forward to when everything starts again in August and I return to Piešťany,” said the 26-year-old Czech before he signed a new contract with the Seagulls.

“Actually we treat Czech players like home players, Gabriela fits very well with our team and I am happy that she will continue to play with us. I think next season she will build on her achievements at the end of last year and be a valid player for us. Last season Gabriela had a similar fate to Ke’Shunan James when she also suffered a serious injury at the beginning of the season. At the beginning we didn’t know when she would be able to return to the field, but she has it mentally very well done, she has worked hard to get back to the board and that paid off in the last heat where she confirmed that she is a great asset to our team,” said general manager Bronislava Borovičková about the extension of cooperation with the Czech representative.

Coach Petr Jankovič is also pleased with the continuation of the Czech point guard, who can switch between position 1 and 2. He was adamant about her stay on the team and until next season, when the Seagulls will appear in the Eurocup, he is counting on her as one of the key players he can rely on. “It is very positive for me that we have managed to keep another player from last year’s successful squad. I am convinced that the performances Gabriela has delivered in the last series will be able to live up to the whole season. She suffered a serious injury but showed a great will to come back and help the team I count her as one of the leaders of the team and she can certainly be a support for the team in important situations of difficult matches that await us next season.”

Press release – Piešťany Gulls

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