Basketball: Germany has advanced to the semi-finals of the European Championship, Antetokounmpo failed

BERLIN. The Germans could not miss and a quarter of horror for Greece. The European Championship 2022 basketball quarter-final match between Germany and Greece could also be summarized in this way.

The home crowd in Berlin was delighted with the progress of “Die Mannschaft”.

In basketball, it can happen that one player has “lucky hands” and that every shot starts to fall into the basket. But if it happens to the whole team, it’s extremely rare.

The Germans finished the game with a 49 percent success rate from the field. They fired even more accurately from outside the perimeter than for two points. In total, they converted 17 shots for three out of 31 points.

Three minutes before the end of the third quarter, the score of this ten-minute period was 20:1 for Germany. Greek basketball players haven’t added a single point of the field for nearly eight minutes.

“It was a men’s fight. Germany was better. But it’s just the beginning. We have to learn a big lesson from this. Every individual,” Greek coach Dimitrios Itoudis revealed at the press conference after the game.

The stars didn’t finish the match

Dennis Schröder had 26 points and eight assists before being ejected for five fouls and two unsportsmanlike fouls. He published the reason for his exclusion from the social network.

“Greek fans! It was a crazy atmosphere today. I tolerate enough from players, but profanity or anything like that about my family is out of the question,” Schröder posted on his Instagram story.

“It’s not right, so don’t tell me how to react to it,” added Schröder, who was ejected just after his hot-blooded response.

Just before this moment, Greek star Giannis Antetokounmpo went into the showers prematurely. During his departure to the bowels of the Berlin arena, even the home crowd said goodbye to him.

The NBA star scored 31 points, added seven rebounds and eight assists during the game. The German team tried to defend Giannis in the area below the basket with as many players as possible.

Despite his rich experience from various competitions, Giannis was the biggest star he ever coached for the Greek coach.

“When it comes to Giannis and working with him, it’s easy. He is highly motivated and a very humble person. His approach in general to life and to sports is exceptional,” Itoudis told BasketNews.

He absolutely needs to catch his breath now, return to the NBA healthy, win titles there and come back where possible to help the national team,” Itoudis concluded.

Orlando Magic young star Franz Wagner had 19 points on 5/7 shooting from the perimeter after the game. He also added a three-pointer from a rebound when defended by Antetokounmpo.

VIDEO: Wagner’s three-pointer over the defending Giannis

The German coach wanted a beer

During the press conference, 63-year-old Germany coach Gordon Herbert was asked if he would celebrate the victory with a glass of wine, as he had promised before the game. The coach answered her as follows:

“I know one thing. I don’t give my credit card to my players,” Herbert joked.

“I’d rather have a cold beer now. Dennis (Schröder) wanted my credit card, but I told him: I’ve been divorced three times, you won’t like my credit card limit.”

VIDEO: The national coach of Germany entertained the journalists

The Germans also dominated the rebounding game. In the quarterfinals, they had fourteen more than their opponent. In general, the ratio was 46:32 for rebounds.

“We improved the transition phase to the defense and recovered better. I think that decided today. The players have a lot of credit for that,” said Herbert.

The head coach was also pleased with what this victory and Germany’s advance to the EuroBasket semifinals means for basketball there.

“I think it’s incredible for German basketball. The way this team and the players performed at home. People can identify with the way we played and see our identity in it. The identity is something we decided to create in the team immediately he revealed, adding:

“We have two more games to play. We have set ourselves the goal of winning a medal. People looked at me as if I was a little crazy then, but this is still what we are looking for.”

For the Greek coach, this is just the beginning

It was the debut on the international stage for the experienced and well-known Greek coach Dimitrios Itoudis.

“I would like to say that we really enjoyed this tournament. We wanted to win the war, but we didn’t succeed,” said the Greek coach.

“It’s sprinting. And in a sprint you can make mistakes. I’m also talking about myself. We have to deal with these mistakes and accept what happened. Take it as it is and become a better you,” he added up.

He admitted to the media that he pays tribute to the Spanish national basketball team and the system that allows them to perform brilliantly in international tournaments year after year.

“I think this experience was also important for me. We want to create habits. How do we do it? When we are all together. The other national teams, Spain, had the same coaching staff and this great progression that we still see today.

Congratulations to Sergio Scariola, my friend and the Spanish Basketball Federation. They’ve formed habits and that’s great,” Itoudis revealed.

The Greek coach won two titles in the prestigious Euroleague with CSKA Moscow and became coach of the year in both winning years.

In June of this year, he signed a three-year contract with Turkish team Fenerbahce Istanbul after ending his contract early in Russia.

He will not qualify for the Basketball World Cup in 2023 due to his team commitments. When asked how difficult it will be to strike a balance between working for a Euroleague club and the national team, he posed a question that still continues. disturbs him.

VIDEO: Greek fans took note courtesy of coach Itoudis . goodbye to the tournament

“It is not possible to coach in both windows (so break from the national team and league season, mind you) because I have to focus on the Euroleague.

I really believe that eventually people will sit down and find the best possible solutions so that we have all the necessary coaches and players,” Ioudis advises.

He commented after the game, among other things, what the difference is between a player from the NBA and a player from the Euroleague who does not strengthen the national team.

“This is a big discussion you’ve opened now and I really don’t have much time. I’ll just tell you something. If NBA players don’t come to an international tournament because they can’t, everyone is fine with that.

But if a player from the Euroleague doesn’t come, everyone suddenly attacks the Euroleague. I do not understand why. Have you ever wondered why? It’s not fair,” Ioudis asked the question in front of journalists.

The first semifinal awaits the German national team since 2005, when Dirk Nowitzki led them to the silver medal. In the semifinals they will face Spain, who defeated Finland in the quarterfinals. The competition takes place on Friday at 8.30 pm.

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