Basketball: Nike SBL starts October 1

BRATISLAVA. The new season of the Nike Slovak Basketball League is scheduled for October 1. The participants of our highest competition agreed on this in a joint meeting.

As reported by the official league website, the regular season system will remain unchanged, it will again be played in 4 rounds (2x home and 2x away) and then there will be play-offs.

The elimination round should also remain unchanged, the regular season winner will advance directly to the semifinals and the teams in 2nd-7th place will face the opening round of the playoffs, which must be replayed for two winning matches .

The next stages of the play-off must be for three (semi-finals) and four (final) winning matches. For the time being, the fact that the bronze is won by the better placed team after the regular part remains valid.

The representative windows (in November 2022 and February 2023) as well as cup levies in international competitions will still have an impact on the regular season schedule and the play-offs of the top Slovakian league.

The solution is again a confrontation with Czech clubs, the pre-season Tipsport Federal Cup was a pilot project in this regard. Numerous participations are also planned in the Alpine-Adriatic Cup, several clubs of Nike SBL are interested.

The game also includes the participation of Patriots Levice in any of the competitions under the banner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) i.e. the Champions League or the FIBA ​​European Cup.

In addition, the Slovak Cup will also be played, in this competition teams from lower leagues will once again have the opportunity to confront the participants of the Nike SBL. And after three years, the best players in our league were able to compete – the All Star Game.

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