Basketball: Oleg Meleshchenko is the new coach of Iskra Svit

LIGHT. The current helmsman of the Slovakian men’s national team, 55-year-old Russian Oleg Meleschenko, became the new coach of basketball players Iskra Svit.

The management of the club decided to change the head coach after an unsuccessful season, in which the “bears” reached the final of the Slovak Cup, but took only 6th place in the league.

“We are very pleased to have come to a partnership with such a high-quality coach as Oleg Meleshchenko. The moment the possibility of an agreement with Oleg arose, we did not hesitate and made every effort to reach agreement to come.”

We expect that he will take our club to a higher level of quality and at the same time help our youth trainers move forward. We look forward to the cooperation and believe in a successful season,” club president Ján Drobný quoted Svit’s official website as saying.

Meleschenko’s coaching biography is full of successes. With the Khimki Moscow regional team, he became vice-champion of Russia four times, played in the final of the Eurocup and won the international VTB competition. In Slovakia, he first worked on Levic’s bench, with whom he won the Slovakian Cup in 2012.

Two years later, as coach of Inter Bratislava, he also added a league title. For the past two seasons he was part of the club from the capital. In addition to the competition scene, he is also active in the national team as the head of the Slovakian national team bench.

“The sport life of a coach and players is full of changes during the summer. Some don’t get a chance to change, others get them all the time. I am very grateful to Svit management for speaking out.

It’s a challenge for me because I’m on the same page with them that we want to be winners and make a good team. Time will tell what comes of it. There is a great vision that they want to involve more young players, but also foreign basketball players, so that it becomes a good collaboration.

They want players who have been playing at Svit all their lives. From a historical point of view, Svit wants to return to the places where he belonged in the past. I agree. People are doing this at a time when money is hard to come by and the overall financial situation is not very good, but they still want and invest in it.

I’d like to be a part of that to help. Everyone has ambitions to be one of the best and we want to show that we can play basketball in Svit. The people in this town love him, they do a lot for such a small town.

We want to be among the best in Slovakia. Thank you for turning to me and I believe I will not disappoint the entire Podtatra basketball community,” said Iskra’s new coach.

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