Basketball: Patriots Levice applied for Champions League (comments)

LEFT. The Levice Patriots have applied for next year’s edition of the Champions League.

For the reigning champions of the Nike SBL and the Alpine-Adriatic Cup, this is the first participation in a multinational competition under the banner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

They must apply for an exemption

After winning the third title in the club’s history, several club officials announced that they wanted to move the club to a more advanced European Cup.

The application and fulfillment of all FIBA ​​requirements could be accepted due to the organization of the Slovakian national team’s matches in the qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

“Last week, for the first time in the history of the club, we submitted an application to the Basketball Champions League (BCL). Immediately after, we received a multi-page questionnaire in which we had to fill in a number of questions mainly about the infrastructure – the sports hall, but also to be able to take care of a number of other matters related to participation in this prestigious competition.

Although our sports hall has undergone a modernization of the lighting and scoreboard in recent years, which gave us the chance to participate in this competition at all, we still cannot cover all the criteria (such as for example a capacity of 3000 seats or a sign with only basketball lines), and so our participation is subject to an exception to the capacity, or the borrowing of a mobile board.

We will get an answer at the end of the month, then the draw for the BCL qualifier will take place in early July, which will probably be played in one spot with one of the participants in the qualifier. In the event that the competition management’s answer is negative, we will enter the second cup, the FIBA ​​European Cup, where the conditions are not so strict,” said the club’s general manager, Ladislav Garaj.

Only two played in the Champions League

From Nike SBL, Patrioti Levice will be only the third club to play in the prestigious Champions League. In the past, Prievidza played in this league and three years ago Inter Bratislava participated.

Both teams then presented themselves in the FIBA ​​European Cup (FIBA Europe Cup).

“It is clear that participation in FIBA ​​European Cups places higher demands on the breadth and quality of the squad and is also more financially demanding for the club, on the other hand this participation in European Cups is extremely important for Slovakian basketball. the position of experience for the Slovak players and from the position of respect for the Slovak basketball.

It would also be a great advertisement for our city and region, as well as a reward for the club’s fans and partners. We are not afraid of this challenge, with the support of the union, the city and our partners, we are ready to face it,” the Patriot official added.

Slovakia is one of the few countries that has not had participants in men’s competitions under the FIBA ​​banner for a long time, which is why the coefficient would also advise Levičan at the start of qualifying.

Qualifiers must be played before the start of the new league season. Failing in the Champions League, coach Michal Madzin’s squad must reach the FIBA ​​European Cup, where they must not miss a place in the group stage.

In the coming days and weeks, the Patriots will learn the verdict on the application, if accepted, then the names of their opponents and the Champions League qualifiers, respectively, how to proceed in the FIBA ​​European Cup.

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