Basketball: Patriots Levice to challenge Hungarian Egis Körmend in the Champions League

Michal Madzin, coach: “The draw has been awarded to the Hungarian Körmend. He is a strong opponent, but we are talking about qualifying for the Champions League, we probably did not expect someone there who we could not say this about. We could see the last series of the Hungarian competition, which was very balanced and in excellent condition.

As far as I could tell, they relied on legionnaires. It will depend on how they manage to put together the team for the new season. It is therefore very difficult to estimate their strength at this time. In the summer we will see what information will be there. I think we can prepare as best we can.”

Ladislav Garaj, General Manager: “First of all, we consider our participation in the Champions League as a great satisfaction and reward for the hard work of the past years of the club. We want to enjoy this participation and we also want to represent Slovakian basketball. We will try to get a good result .

As for our opponent from Hungary, he is a well-known opponent for us, we meet him regularly in the preparation period, respectively in the Alpine-Adriatic Cup. Körmend has had an excellent season in the Hungarian league and lost in the final 2:3 to the big favorite Szombathely.

Now is the time to browse and prepare for their selection. We have more than two months to prepare and take advantage of our experience. From our side, I think the game is playable, even if the Hungarian team is the favourite. We go into it knowing we want to move forward.”

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