Basketball player Lauri Markkanen broke his own national record

BERLIN. Getting a call from your agent and finding out that your team has traded you for another player must be tough. At least that’s how it used to be.

Finnish basketball star Lauri Markkanen was traded to the Utah Jazz as part of a Cleveland Cavaliers deal for Donovan Mitchell.

The twenty-five-year-old basketball player got to know the exchange like any other fan. Through social networks.

Reports from the most famous NBA news websites beeped on his phone, which first reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers would take Donovan Mitchell on their team and then that Markkanen would be part of the trade.

In addition, this exchange took place during the European Basketball Championship 2022, where Markkanen represents Finland. It was an emotional evening. Teammates from Finland came to my room and supported me. No matter what happens across the ocean, I have to stay present and focus on what’s happening here,” Sports quoted Rabbi Markkanen as saying.

He spent his free time playing the Call of Duty video game with his teammates.

We were actually playing the Call of Duty video game together when Lauri said, ‘Oh, there are trade reports, but no players are involved yet,'” Markkanen’s teammate Sasa Salina said on FIBA’s official website.

And then his general manager called and confirmed. It was tough, but I think that’s his character: first he’ll show (his worth) here at EuroBasket and then he’ll go to Utah and do some damage,” Salin added.

What happened next?

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