Basketball: Slovakia was not enough against Switzerland in Pezinok . pre-match

PEZINOK. The Slovakia national basketball team failed in the second preparatory meeting for the introduction of the second phase of the European Championship 2025 pre-qualification.

On Thursday, it lost to Switzerland in Pezinok 57:59. He will meet the same opponent again, on Friday, August 19 at 6 p.m. in the same place.

Six days ago, the team of coach Aramis Naglič faced the Hungarian home team in Kecskemét, which they lost with 67:72.

“The Swiss had 15 more rebounds, their physicality was the difference in this game. There was little talent on either side of the board, but it was tough.

I can say that the game was played with a lot of heart. What I like is the fighting spirit we showed. We didn’t go down when we were 12 points behind. Now we will analyze it and on Friday we will see what we can improve,” Naglič estimated.

“We started with less energy than the Swiss, they ran towards us. I don’t know if we didn’t expect it or if we thought it would be easier than Hungary, but it’s also a quality team. locked up.

In the second half, they came on the difference of one basket. In the end I still jumped and could have made a basket, but they poked the ball. Sorry about that. It turned out that we can win and we’re going to try that on Friday,” said Jakub Mokráň.

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