Basketball: Slovakia was not enough for Norway at the start of pre-qualification

Aramis Naglič, Slovakia coach: “When we play with pivots we are too slow. Fusek and Pavelka can’t keep up with the rhythm of the match like when they are in a low formation. If we play without pivots we have a problem with rebounding. had 15 rebounds less than Norway in the first half, there were a lot of technical mistakes, we lost a lot of energy.

We went into the game with a foul and a foul on a three-pointer, it was immediately 0:4. Jones tried, but you could tell he wasn’t ready yet, but we had to test his qualities. I think our players don’t really believe they can win the game. I think we also need to work on their mentality.

You could see it, the heads went down when something bad happened. There is a lot of work ahead of us, it is not easy at all. We are going to prepare for the meeting with North Macedonia, in which we have nothing to lose.”

Jakub Mokráň, Slovakian player: “We are very disappointed with our performance. We went into the game thinking we would win. We believed in our opponent, we trained hard. We caught stupid mistakes quickly and the opponent bounced back because we let our defense down. Doesn’t matter, we have to move on.’

Šimon Krajčovič, Slovakian player: “It’s hard for me to judge it. In my opinion, the end result doesn’t reflect the whole course of the meeting. It certainly wasn’t by nearly 20 points. We didn’t have a bad start to the game, but we let the Norwegians too “scoring a lot of easy baskets. They opened threes and hit. It was hard to stop. We certainly imagined it differently, but unfortunately this is the reality. We have to fight it ourselves now.”

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