Basketball: Talent of the Year 2021 Nataša Taušová comes to Piešťany Čajok

For the 2022/2023 season, basketball club Piešťanské Čajky is also looking for a player with great future prospects. Nataša Taušová, a talented under-16 representative from Slovakia, who comes from BAM Poprad to Piešťany, will work in the team of reigning champions of Slovakia.

The management of the Piešťany club sees the commitment of the 16-year-old pivot mainly from the perspective of the future, but from the coming season she has been counted on as a permanent part of the Čajok team.

“I am very happy that the transfer of Nataša Taušová has been completed. She is currently one of the most talented young basketball players in Slovakia, who has a promising future ahead of her. As a club, we will try to create the best possible conditions to give her this potential It will definitely be something new for her, she will need time to get used to the regime of a basketball player in a professional club in combination with her studies. In this way I would like to thank her mother club, BAM Poprad, for the upbringing of this youth representative, whom we will try to continue to form,” said General Director of Čajok Bronislava Borovičková.

Last year, the 188-centimeter center made her first appearance in Slovakia’s top women’s league, Niké Extraliga Žien, in the BAM Poprad jersey, where she averaged 7.8 points and 5.3 rebounds in 26 games.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work in Piešťany. Last year I already played in the extra league, but otherwise everything is new for me and I am gradually getting to know the new environment. I am looking forward to being a part making a championship team that will also be active in the Eurocup, which will certainly be an invaluable experience. I think I can combine all this with the school and return the confidence invested in the club. I also want the Poprad- club for everything they have done for me, but I think it is time to take another step forward,” said Nataša Taušová, who joined the Piešťanské Čajok team on Monday, September 5 and will wear the jersey with the number 11.

Led by Čajok coach Petr Jankovič, the Poprad basketball prodigy also made an appearance at this year’s European Under-16 Girls’ Division B Championship in Podgorica, scoring an average of 8.6 points and 6 rebounds in seven games. Before that, she represented Slovakia at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Banská Bystrica.

“Nataša comes to us as a promising player, a talented under-16 representative, who we want to build on in the future. We certainly won’t expect miracles from her from the start, although I think she has what it takes to show her potential, especially in domestic competition. The first priority for us is to prepare her for the future and I am very happy that she has decided to move to our club,” said Čajok coach Peter Jankovič.

The talented pivot’s basketball perspective is also confirmed by the fact that she was even named the Girl’s Talent of the Year 2021 in the poll of the Slovak Basketball Association.


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