Basketball: The Federal Cup will bring Czech and Slovak teams back together in September

BRATISLAVA. After the successful revival of the Czech-Slovak showdown last year, the second edition of the Men’s Federal Basketball Cup will take place in September.

The organizers have managed to increase the number of participants to 16, and the tournament will be played again.

The fights between the Czech and Slovak teams under the competitive banner were able to take place after an 18-year hiatus. In the opening year, the players of Czech Republic Opava rejoiced at the overall victory.

“I am extremely happy and it is the greatest possible reward for the organizer that after the first year, in which we went with a little soul, the Federal Cup will take place again after a year.

And not only will it play, it will be bigger and we believe that in the preparatory period it will once again bring great basketball clashes between the leading teams from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. After the 12-man first year, 16 teams signed up, 8 each from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

By the end of the month, the locations of the base groups should be known, as well as the division of the teams. We are currently also working on the marketing side of the cup.

A big plus for partners, but also for fans, compared to the first year, can be the agreement with television on the broadcasting of the most attractive matches of the Federal Cup,” said the co-organizer of the event, Ladislav Garaj,

By the second year it was possible to increase the number of participants to 16, again with an equal share of each competition. Nike SBL will be involved with all teams in the event, Kooperativa NBL will be represented by: BK Opava, BK ARMEX Děčín, NH Ostrava, BK Pardubice, BC GEOSAN Kolín, BK REDSTONE Olomouc, Královstí Sokoli Hradec Králové and SK Slavia Praha.

Individual Federal Cup tournament dates are set for September 9-11 and September 16-17. The game is played in groups of 4, first with a system of each against each other. Then the competition is divided into 4 phases according to group placement, each branch has its own Final Four. This phase culminates in a play-off system.

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