Basketball: The preparation game at Spiš is intended to help the nursing home after the fire

STAND OUT. The basketball game between Spišská Rytieri and Iskra Svit, which will take place on Sunday in the sports hall in Spišská Nová Ves, should help the local retirement home.

Every fan can support a good cause with a symbolic entrance fee and help people who have been forced from their homes for a while due to the fire. So far, after the events of March, about 150 of the 190 customers have returned there.

After the destruction of the roof and the top floor, the facility no longer has its original capacity.

Funds for repairing the roof are hard to come by, so any fan can contribute to its repair on Sunday with the entry fee to the competition.

In addition, the organizer of the event, the civil society Váš Lekár, presents a check for the purchase of an important medical device, oxygen concentrators and medical mattresses for seniors.

“There are more important things in life than sport. The highest value is health, and solidarity with people in need is also of great importance to me personally,” said Honorary President of Spišskonovo Basketball, Rastislav Javorský.

According to him, the Spišský Rytieri will show their sporting heart with the competition. “It is a confirmation of our philosophy that there are real fighters with their hearts in the right place, not only on the board, but also off the board. I believe that as many people as possible will come to the room and support this idea,” he said. he. added.

As civil society PR manager Nina Haceková went on to say, fans can not only see the new reinforcements from both teams in action for the first time, but also look forward to the auction of player jerseys or autographed basketballs.

The fire engulfed the roof of the retirement home in the Tarča residential area in Spišskonovo on the afternoon of March 29. There were 190 customers and four dozen employees, all of whom were evacuated and no one was injured.

After the fire, about 30 to 40 percent of the building was destroyed. The municipality spoke about the high damage from the start, estimated the resources needed to restore the building at more than two million euros.

The self-government also received funds for damage removal in the form of a state grant or from the Košice region, others came from public collections and its own budget. He will still have to invest in the aforementioned repair of the roof and floor.

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