Bénes only thinks about victories, Mráz praises Calzona

Today 18:40

ŠAMORÍN – 14 players reported to the new coach of the Slovakian national football team, Francesco Calzon, during Sunday’s meeting in Šamorín. The Italian skipper has expanded his execution team with second assistant Simone Bonomi, who will join Gianluca Segarelli. All then led the first training of their indictment.

Most of the team was missing from the meeting, Martin Dúbravka, Peter Pekarík, Christián Herc, Matúš Rusnák, Martin Valjent, Norbert Gyömbér, Miroslav Káčer, László Bénes, Matúš Bero, Martin Regáli, Lukáš Haraslin, Dávid, Rurišen reported at the coach Frost. Bénes appeared in the national team after a year: “It’s a great feeling to be here again. I’m looking forward to the guys and I hope we can be successful.”

After announcing the nomination, Calzone revealed that he sees Bénes as a very talented footballer. “I appreciate his words and the fact that he nominated me at the very first meeting. My job is to give 100 percent at the club and go to the meetings in shape. I don’t know the coach, but there will be time before.” said the Slovakian midfielder.

Bénes changed clubs in the summer and moved from the top German league of the team Borussia Mönchengladbach to the second division Hamburg. “It’s a fantastic club with excellent fans and a stadium. We have a clear goal, we want to move forward. I’m glad I was able to make the transfer there, it’s getting better and better. I also scored a goal, I assisted twice In the first games of the season I was in the starting line-up, then I came in the last minutes, now I played 80 minutes again. I got into good shape,” added Benes.

Slovakian footballers want to try and advance in the upcoming Nations League matches against Azerbaijan (on Thursday, September 22 at 8:45 PM in Trnava) and Belarus (on Sunday, September 25 at 6:00 PM in Bačka Topola). They are in second place, four points behind leader Kazakhstan, for the final double-header in Group C-Division 3. “Unpleasant opponents are waiting for us, but I think it will be about us. When we are ready. We have top players, we have to prepare well to face it. We want to win both games. We will see what happens.” happens, the important thing is that we won the first” Benes concluded.

After two years, Samuel Mráz also appeared in the nomination. The twenty-five-year-old attacker worked in the Italian league in the team of Spezia Calcio, but Mráz did not know whether this fact played a role in his nomination: “I don’t know where the coach got information about me, but I was glad he knows me. He probably has a lot to look up to. For me it’s an honor. I haven’t met the coach yet, but he has a great capacity. He has studied Italian football, he has worked with big names and he certainly has a lot to offer us. I think we will take a lot of positive things from him.”

Mráz will also be one of those on the team who will have to interpret the Italian coach’s tactical instructions. “I understand Italian, everything about football. And we have other guys who played or are playing in Italy, so it will be good. Italians are detail oriented, they have patience with tactics. There will be plenty. We players who will be in Italy, there will They don’t have a problem with that, that translates to others.”

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