Dávid Ďuriš and Samuel Mráz: the nomination surprised even the football players themselves

BRATISLAVA. Only 14 nominees showed up on Sunday at the first meeting of Slovakia’s national football team coach Francesco Calzona in Šamorín. The others still had tasks.

The fifty-three-year-old resident of Calabria was forced to make one substitution when the injured Ivan Schranz was replaced by Dávid Hrnčár from Slovan Bratislava.

As reported by the official website of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ), another assistant – Simone Bonomi – was added to the implementation team.

VIDEO: Dávid Ďuriš at the Slovakian National Team meeting

One of the newcomers to the national A-team is Žilina shooter Dávid Ďuriš. The 23-year-old player still says he cannot believe that he has made it to the national team.

“I played with some players, some I accompanied to the field as a child, some I gave balls during matches… I’m happy to see them here again,” he said after arriving at the meeting.

“When someone works patiently and honestly, that time will come. When I heard about the nomination, I was nervous for the first few days. But then I calmed down, because there are several guys from our league or the ones I played with,” uriš remarked .

Attacker Samuel Mraz was also happy with the nomination. He admitted he didn’t know where Calzona’s coach got the information about him.

“I am very happy to come back here. I am looking forward to it and I believe it will end well,” he commented, adding what he expects from the Italian expert:

“Especially one hundred percent defensively. That will definitely be point number one. And as for the attack, I think the coach will emphasize the multi-player activity so that we create more chances to score.”

VIDEO: Samuel Mraz at the Slovakia National Team meeting

The Slovakian team will play against the teams of Azerbaijan (September 22 in Trnava) and Belarus (September 25 in the Serbian city of Bačka Topola) in the Nations League 2022/2023 this week.

In the table of the 3rd group of the League of Nations C division, the Slovaks are currently in 2nd place with a gain of six points, and they have only a minimal chance of winning the group and breaking through in the B division . The players of Kazakhstan lead the ranking with 10 points.

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