Five new sports are added in Tokyo, the premiere of skateboarding and surfing – 2016 Olympics – Sports

Skateboarding, surfing, karate, sport climbing and baseball with softball have certainly become part of the program of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Japan.

Their inclusion was approved on Wednesday by a vote by delegates to the 129th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Rio de Janeiro. The inclusion of five new sports means 18 new competitions for 474 participants. The industries were chosen last year by a special committee of the Japanese hosts, who were given the opportunity to speak with the Olympic program for the first time since the adoption of the 2020 reform agenda. About 11,000 participants will compete in 33 sports in Tokyo.

Of the newcomers, only softball and baseball have an Olympic past, in 2008 the medals were last awarded in the bat sports in Beijing. For Tokyo, the number of participating teams was eventually reduced from the originally proposed eight to six per tournament. Baseball teams will consist of 25 players, softball 15 players. Sixty karatekas compete for six medals in the categories of the kumite sports competition and two in the group kata exercise.

The other three sports lost 40 places each. The climbers competition will consist of bouldering (solving difficult climbing problems without a rope), lead climbing (difficulty climbing with a lower rope) and speed climbing (climbing for speed in an elimination method with an upper rope). Surfers and surfers present themselves on a short surf. Competitions in the street and park categories await skateboarders.

“We want to meet the youth through sports. With the current opportunities to spend leisure time, we cannot expect young people to come to us alone. We have to go against them,” said IOC President Thomas Bach according to

The baseball and softball tournaments will take place at the stadium in Yokohama, while the karate players will be hosted at the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo. In the middle of the Japanese metropolis, they are going to prepare sports fields for climbers and skateboarders. Surfers will ride the waves at Šida Šita Point, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo.

New sports will not receive a share of the 2012 Olympics revenue, which will be distributed by the IOC among the 28 sectors of the 2016 Olympic program.

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