Football clubs even in the lowest league pay hundreds of euros (survey)

BRATISLAVA. Playing football is not a cheap affair, even in the lowest Slovakian league, where players play for free.

Every month, football clubs have to pay a so-called collection invoice, which includes various fees.

The amount of referee fees or entrance fees may vary within Slovakia.

Sportnet approached all regional football associations to offer a cross-section of Slovakian football reality. Ten of them answered the following questions.

Marián Valko, ObFZ Topoľčany

1. The amount of the monthly collection bill that football clubs pay varies greatly from month to month as the items are different, namely fees to delegates, fees from the sports and technical committee (changes of match days and official playing time) and the disciplinary committee (fees and fines, suspended players, rude fans).

2. We don’t help the clubs financially because we don’t have enough income to handle it, but we do youth football tournaments where there is no entry fee and they also have free drinks.

3. We make the competitions so that the clubs have the shortest possible distances.

4. In recent months we have not registered the demise of clubs due to lack of money, yet we have few in leagues: VII. adult league – 14 teams and VIII. adult league – 11 teams. There are 7 teams in the youth, older students have 10 teams, younger students 14, preparatory U11 20 teams and U9 5 teams.

Emanuel Cuninka, ObFZ Trnava

1. The collection invoice is different every month, it depends on the number of adult meetings (payment of representatives), registration fees, (transfers of players), disciplinary fees and fees for negotiating the application with the ŠTK.

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