Football in England is taking off. But not the Premier League

12/09/2022 14:28

After the weekend break caused by the death on Thursday of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Football competitions will start again in Great Britain on Monday evening, with the exception of the elite Premier League. On Monday, some matches of non-professional leagues are already taking place, and from Tuesday also professional leagues.

Sporting events in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were suspended or postponed as a mark of respect for the late Queen, not just football, but also golf, cricket and horse racing.

The management of the aforementioned Premier League has postponed the entire 7th round for an as yet unknown date, and it is not yet clear how and when the 8th round will take place, which is to be played from Friday to Sunday. Elizabeth II’s funeral is scheduled for Monday, September 19. and the question is how the authorities involved will deal with the logistics.

The participants in the football matches soon to be held in England will pay tribute to the late monarch with a minute of silence before the match, black armbands, flags at half-mast. In honor of the new king Karol III. before the battles the hymn “God save the king” is played. Fighting in and around London in connection with the death of Elizabeth II. and the upcoming funeral will require stricter security measures.

Although the Premier League has not yet resumed, several clubs from this competition will be in action in the European Cup from Tuesday to Thursday – the Champions League (Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur), the Europa League (Manchester) United, FC Arsenal) and the European Conference League (West Ham United).

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