Football service: Zvolen and Kováčová angry with referees, Kudlík shooting concert

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Everything important in one place from IV. after VI. league. There is also a regional round eleven and a first-class personality.

Championship Central Region – IV. league

Kováčová – Kysucké Nove Mesto 1:1 (0:0)

Goals: 51. M. Turák (11 m) – 64. M. Mozol, R Holas, 120 spectators

Kováčová: A. Tuček – J. Slovák, M. Turák (66. L. Lauč), A. Necpál, M. Šuster (59. T. Janeček), P. Majerčík (59. F. Fejerčák), J. Hámorník (46. M. Macko), P. Paulovčík, V. Bobor, M. Vronský (82. M. Melišík), M. Laurinc

Prameň was the better team from the start of the meeting, but it was not enough for the full number of points. The game was played on a more difficult ground, the hosts played nice and combined football, in the first quarter of the game Kováčová created 4 chances, but she couldn’t take any of them. (source: Petit Press)

Before half time, the home team still threatened from standard situations, but both teams went into the huts with a goalless goal. The picture of the match did not change, even after the change of camp, Kováčová had the reins of the match on her shoes. They forced the opponent to make mistakes and combined well. In the 51st minute, the visitors made a mistake on Bobor in the penalty area.

The experienced Turák put the ball on the white dot and opened the score of the match. Throughout the game, Kysuča created only one clear chance in the 64th minute and thanks to Mozol, they were able to convert it – 1:1. According to the home coach, however, this goal came from offside and the home fans were also surprised. Even after this moment, Kováčová was in control of the game, but nothing changed in the distribution of points for a draw.

Roman Biba, Kováčová’s coach: “We regret the draw, but we should have converted the chances we created and it would have been different, but the misjudgments of the referees also affected the process. I’m not going to put napkins in front of my mouth anymore. The referees influenced again the course of the game. Already in the first half, the guests clearly fouled Laurinc’s penalty area, the referees do not whistle it After the game, my subordinates heard how the players of Kysucké Nové Mesto had fun, that it was a penalty should have been. And the equalizer was scored by the guests from offside.”

Maybe you are interested Kašlík scored in the extra league premiere. I’ll have to borrow from my parents, he joked read more

Straňavy – Zvolen 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: 39th and 74th T. Ďuratný (2 from 11 m). R Jančo, 200 spectators

Elected: R. Tatar – Viktor Tóth (85. D. Blahutiak), S. Molnár, Jakub Tóth, D. Kalmár (79. J. Sudimak), M. Bobok (46. P. Solivajs), P. Telúch, J Nosko, G. Snitka (79. M. Konder), M. Muráň (46. R. Greško), M. Starší

The chosen ones were the better team from the opening whistle, but the visitors slept through the first half themselves, despite three very good scoring opportunities. In the first part of the game, the home side kept the ball on their feet quite often, but they didn’t create any chances, but still won 1:0.

In the 39th minute, the referee awarded a penalty to Stránava. The home side took a corner, one of Zvolen’s players took the bounced ball over, according to the guests, before the penalty area, but he touched the ball with his hand, which was not off his body.

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