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The owner, chairman and chairman of the football association Slovan Ivan Kmotrík Sr. confirmed to RTVS on Friday that Richard Trutz, like all scouts, has been fired as sports director of the Slovakian champion due to a dispute between the management and the cabin. .


17.09.2022 13:17

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SK Slovan Bratislava coach Vladimír Weiss senior. and general manager of the club Ivan Kmotrík Jr. on an archive image.

“In any case, we have drawn conclusions from what happened, a dispute between management and the cabin. We will deliver the team director within a week, for now he will probably be replaced by Vlado Weiss or Boris Kitka, I can’t say exactly yet,” said Kmotrík senior. for Sport in RTVS.

In the second game of Group H of the European Conference League against Pjunik Yerevan, the Whites gave a bloodless performance, losing 0:2.

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Former Bratislava club striker Jaroslav Timko revealed that his “eyes hurt” from the Slavists’ performance in Yerevan.

“And the heart cried too. It’s a big disappointment for me. This is not the way to play in the European Cup. Players can sell themselves in it and earn money for the club. I played for the fun of the crowd, and not in front of the board. Today’s Slavists only play because they have a good salary. And nothing more. They lack heart. They spoil the name Slovan,” Timko told Nový Čas.

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Denník also gave his views on the coach Vladimír Weiss st.

“On arrival, Vlado found out that he would rather fire 90 percent of the players because they don’t play for the big money. It depends on him how he decides. He could have gone to the national team and then he would have been at peace.” of spirit.

It would probably be better if he left, because then he loses patience and his reputation as a coach deteriorates. Maybe he will decide after Sunday and depending on how the derby goes in Trnava,” added Timko.

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The godfather also commented on Weiss’ position for RTVS.

“Weiss’s future is in his hands, he certainly has a lot of offers, but as long as I’m in Slovan, which I don’t know how long it will be, Weiss will just be with me. Everything else is just rubbish,” said Kmotrík st.

Slovan presents himself as the leader of the Fortuna competition on Sunday in the competition derby on the site of the second Trnava, we will watch the match online. He then appears on October 6 in the European Conference League on the field of the group’s leading group, FC Basel.

1. Hans-Dieter Flick (Germany): 6.5 million euros

2. Gareth Southgate (England): €5.8 million

Slovan’s fixtures and results in EKL

Sept 8 (9pm): Slovan Bratislava – algiris Vilnius 0:0
September 15 (6.45 pm): Pjunik Yerevan – Slovan Bratislava 2:0
October 6 (9pm): FC Basel – Slovan Bratislava
October 13 (6.45 pm): Slovan Bratislava – FC Basel
October 27 (9:00 PM): Slovan Bratislava – Pjunik Yerevan
Nov 3 (6.45pm): Žalgiris Vilnius – Slovan Bratislava

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