Handball, basketball or volleyball. Who will Slovakia play at EYOF 2022?

BANSKA BYSTRICA. Slovak teams will be represented in all collective sports at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Banská Bystrica. The opponents were recognized in the drawing of lots at the meeting of the leaders of the expeditions.

The technical delegates officially approved the draw of the groups in basketball, handball and volleyball. He will compete in ten sports at the event (July 24 to 30, 2022).

“We are pleased that our national team in Banská Bystrica will not be missing in any of the collective sports. In July, the best that European handball, volleyball and basketball has to offer in the given age categories will come to us.

I am firmly convinced that in addition to the experience gained, our athletes will also achieve a good result,” sports director Marek Majerčák said in a press release.

Handball matches against Danes or Hungarians

Both Slovakian handball teams play in the A group. The boys, led by Martin Spuchlák, will play with Germans, Slovenians and Portuguese. The girls, led by Ľuboš Hepner, will compete against their peers from Denmark, Hungary and Romania.

“For both our selections, this is the first serious tournament on the way to gaining experience at national level. It will be for the birth years 2005 and 2006. The girls play in Detva, the boys have their group in Zvolen.

We will see the best teams in Europe, quality matches await us, which will be a great test to see how we are compared to other countries in this age category,” said Jaroslav Holeša, president of the Slovak Handball Association (SZH).

Italy is the favorite in volleyball

Both Slovakian volleyball teams meet opponents from Italy in the basic group. The girls’ tournament will take place in the volleyball hall in Slovenská Ľupča, in which the representatives of Serbia and Slovenia will also appear in the B group in addition to the Italian favorites.

“I expect volleyball of the highest quality, because in addition to Slovakia, seven of the best teams from Europe will participate in the tournament. We all hope that our national team will qualify as well as possible.

In the girls’ competition, we should be most concerned about the favorites from Italy and Serbia, who participated in the World Cup a few months ago.

The boys’ part of the tournament will be hosted in the venue in Zvolen, where in addition to the biggest favorites from Italy, Slovakian volleyball players will also meet Germans and Bulgarians in the A group,” said Marek Prokeš, EYOF manager and technical director of the Slovakian Volleyball Federation. (SVF).

Ondruš: I believe we will not get lost

In the basketball leagues, both Slovakian teams reached the B group. In the UNB basketball hall, the Slovenian, Spanish and Hungarian girls meet the hosts, while in the Badín basketball hall the boys compete against Lithuania, Serbia and Slovenia.

“Joining the EYOF means the opportunity to play against the best teams from Europe. It will be a very valuable experience. We believe that we will not lose ourselves in the strong competition, even if we are not among the favorites of the tournament ,” said one of the basketball representatives, Richard Ondruš.

“It is important for the teams to know who they are fighting against. In the next three months they can focus on preparing for the fight against three specific opponents,” said Majerčák, adding:

“For us as the organizing committee, it is a signal that the event and preparations are in their final stages and that in less than three months, 2,500 athletes will be competing for precious metals and their greatest achievements in their sports careers to date.”

In addition to team sports, they also drew the ranking of the participating countries on individual aids in sports gymnastics.

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