He drank three liters of Coke a day, when he was on duty, he slept at home. The Story of NBA MVP Nikola Jokić

There was talk about his obesity, his addiction to cycling and his love for horses, but no one expected that his figure could make him a world-class basketball star, especially in the incredibly competitive and especially American environment of the NBA.

Nikola Jokić has nevertheless left his mark and has been part of the evolution of today’s pivotal figures, who are no longer only cumbersome and limited by their height and weight, but versatile players and often key figures in their teams.

In the interview you will read:

  • as his former teammate and current Svita player Saša Avramović remembers him,
  • how he dealt with unhealthy lifestyle and obesity,
  • why didn’t he transfer to Barcelona and sleep through his NBA draft,
  • what historical records has he achieved?
  • what is it that serbia rules world basketball.

Difficult professional start and an unusual evening

Of the Joki’s brotherly trio, Nikola was definitely the furthest. The oldest Strahinja played mainly in Europe, Nemanja graduated from Detroit Mercy University.

However, 27-year-old Nikola didn’t have to be where he is now. It all started in 2012 with a move to Belgrade’s Mega Basket, which is primarily a training station for Partizan and Crvena Zvedza. His future agent and co-owner of the club, Miodrag Raznatović, took care of the transfer. In this case, the professional label was only pro forma, according to urban legends, Jokić drank three liters of Coke a day, did not care at all about healthy food and his physical equipment was miles from ideal. At a height of 211 cm, it weighed up to 140 kg, according to various sources.

His teammate was also Saša Avramović, a 29-year-old former youth representative of Serbia, currently an Iskra Svit player and one of the longest-serving legionnaires in Slovakia’s top flight.

“In my second year a boy came from Sombor, Nikola Jokić. He was physically out then, no

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