Is Your Relationship Toxic?

A toxic relationship’s men and women come in a variety of sizes, shapes, ethnic groups, educational and economic backgrounds, but the turmoil, mayhem, and devastation they all manage to cause is pretty much the same. They will have total control, you will have none, and your relationship will be entirely out of control. Toxic people, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, can will themselves from zero to sixty at the drop of a hat, but there is no elixir to restore them. You can’t keep the peace no matter what because they can go postal at any minute and for no reason.

You will never be able to accomplish anything right if you are in a toxic relationship with a toxic person. But they are certain that they are always correct. It’s always their way or the highway, no matter what. Nothing is ever their fault; everything is always your fault. They assume no repercussions for their actions, but will punish you in ways you can never imagine, not even in your worst nightmares, for even the most minor infraction. The punishment is never proportionate to the crime, and your soul is always sentenced to death. A toxic romantic relationship is the judge, jury, and executioner in your life. You can plead your case and discuss your side of the tale, but it will all be for naught. You hope they will listen to reason and give you the opportunity to explain, but toxic men and women are never reasonable.

Because they are so out of control, toxic relationships are the worst of the dysfunctional partnerships. When you are in a toxic relationship, it is as if you are living with a lunatic. You will begin to really doubt your own sanity. No matter how hard you try, there is no way to win when you are in a poisonous relationship. Your poisonous relationship will always triumph over you. No matter how loud you yell, you will not be heard. They are deaf to you, and whatever you say, do, or feel is irrelevant if it is solely about YOU. It is not about you being happy in this relationship; it is about making your toxic partner happy. You cannot do anything that will not be used against you. You cannot say anything that will not be used against you. When you’re in a poisonous relationship, there’s no way to keep the peace.

So, what exactly constitutes a toxic relationship? Here are some warning signals and instances to help you determine whether you are in a toxic relationship:

If your relationship is financially dependant. If you are in a relationship with someone who is financially dependent on you and takes advantage of you, your relationship is toxic and focused on money rather than love.
If they continually bring a pattern of lying, cheating, stealing, or any other conduct of betrayal to your relationship, you are in a toxic relationship.

You are in a toxic relationship if your daily mood is primarily influenced by how he feels that day or how he determines you should feel that day. Your relationship is toxic if you have too many emotional ups and downs and feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time.
You’re in a toxic relationship if you have to keep the majority of your relationship from those closest to you. If you are afraid of being judged, ashamed, or not wanting to hear the truth about your relationship, this is a significant poisonous red flag.

You are in a toxic relationship if you do not feel free to express yourself verbally or emotionally. Another major red sign is if you are afraid to share your hopes, dreams, objectives, wants, needs, and opinions. You are in a toxic relationship if you feel you cannot be yourself for fear of repercussions.
Your relationship is poisonous if you are continuously striving to keep the peace in the partnership at the expense of your own peace of mind. You are living with a toxic love partner if you constantly sacrifice your own happiness in order for him to be happy.

Abuse of language and behavior is a hallmark of a poisonous relationship. Furthermore, if your toxic boyfriend is physically abusing you, it is time to end the relationship.
If you can’t stay on topic when communicating or if you don’t communicate at all, you’re in a toxic relationship. Your relationship is poisonous if your communication always ends in a fight of some kind.

If you can acknowledge to yourself that your current relationship has prevented you from “becoming all that you can be,” you can sure it’s because it’s poisonous. You are in a toxic relationship if you are giving up your own aspirations and desires to assist him or her accomplish his or hers.
You are in a toxic relationship if you are with someone who is completely self-absorbed, selfish, and self-centered.
If you can describe your spouse as dominating, egotistical, unduly jealous, manipulative, highly competitive, dependent, needy, or theatrical, you have a toxic romantic partner.

How can you mend a sour relationship? You simply cannot. There is nothing you can do to help your toxic partner; it is an impossible task, even for professional therapists. It’s time to quit doubting your own sanity and start doubting theirs. It’s time to cease arguing with someone who is irrational. It’s time to stop attempting to salvage a toxic relationship since a toxic spouse works against you, not with you. It’s time to undertake a major cleanse and get this relationship out of your system.