It was a disgrace to Serbian and regional basketball?

9/6/2022 21:36

Basketball club Partizan Belgrade has announced it will leave the play-offs of the Serbian league and not finish the 2021/2022 season. The reason is the events of the last series of the transnational Adriatic League, in which Crvena zvezda Belgrade defeated the “black and white” 3:2 in the fifth match.

If the league management adheres to the rules, Partizan will have to play in the second Serbian league next season. In the semifinals, he faced FMP Belgrade, and the other semifinal pair consists of CZ Belehrad and the KK Mega Basket team.

“In all five games there were incidents where players and coaches were endangered. It was a shame for Serbian and regional basketball and Partizan will not allow something like this to happen again at the Republican Championship. We no longer want to participate to events where irresponsible individuals disgrace both fan camps and indulge in hooliganism,” Partizan said on Twitter, saying that individuals have a monopoly on decision-making, which must change in the future.

“We demand that decisions on Serbian basketball be returned under the auspices of the national federation, which would give us all equal conditions. Only then would we get a basis for calming passions,” they added in the Belgrade club, which accuses the eternal rivals of a privileged position.

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