It was more fighting than football. Promotion to the 4th round of the cup was decided in the 6th minute by Bánová – SME

Martin Kubena scored the winning goal of the third division team.

The only representative of Žilina from the regional competitions remained in the 3rd round of the Slovnaft Cup, only the third division of Bánová. He traveled to the field of the fifth division Prečín. Martin Kubena scored Bánová’s winning goal in the 6th minute of the match, which was affected by the difficult terrain.

Slovnaft Cup – 3rd round

TJ Partizán Precin – TJ Jednota Banova 0:1 (0:1)
6. M. Kubena. ŽK: M. Jurkech, A. Vazquez – R. Chupáň, P. Bielik. Judged by Malárik, 120 spectators.
HOUSE: F. Čiernik – K. Masaryk, A. Vazquez, M. Vrábel, R. Michalec, L. Haviar, J. Herco (57. F. Slančík, 75. S. Turza), E. Novisedlák, A. Valient, T Pavlik (46. M. Jurkech), J. Valient.
GUESTS: P. Kosa – P. Bielik (88. Š. Káčer), S. Bičan (62. B. Gluvić), R. Konečný, M. Zavadzan, M. Kubena, R. Chupáň, B. Ďurana, S. Prášek, A. Bechný, J. Mraz.

The pitch in Prečín was characterized by rain, which affected the game itself. It also rained during it, which didn’t make the game any easier for the actors. From the start of the game the pitch was fine but as the minutes went by it got worse and worse, it looked more like a fight. This factor made interplay and more continuous actions impossible for both teams. Spectators saw the only goal in the 6th minute, when Prášek played a corner and Kubena put the ball near the right post. Over time, there was more football between the ages of 16.

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Both teams tried to come up with something, but the players on the lawn slipped and the ball bounced off them. Only set pieces could threaten, but neither team created a significant chance of scoring. In the 40th minute a sharp cross from one of the home players hit the crossbar, the subsequent attempt was covered by Kos.

In the second half, it is worth noting the 76th minute and the home team’s sharp shot on goal, Kosa controlled the situation. Ten minutes later, Gluvić shot from inside the penalty area, but goalkeeper Čiernik handled his attempt. Bánová also succeeded in the third cup match on the opponent’s field and advanced to the 4th round of the Slovak Cup.

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