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In the 11th round of the Fortuna League on Saturday, the football players of MŠK Žilina Liptovský defeated Mikuláš, the last team in the competition, by 4:2.

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Adrián Kaprálik from Žilina for the players of Liptovský Mikuláš.

Liptáci thus still has zero victories in their column.

The yellow-greens aimed for victory from the start. After the goals from Samuel Gidl and Adrián Kaprálik, they were already ahead in the 22nd minute with 2:0. Erik Jendrišek made a contact goal in the 37th minute, but the team from Žilina reacted immediately a minute later, Timotej Jambor pushed through.

After that, the home team had no problem securing the victory. After the camp change, Dávid Ďuriš added another goal. At the very end, the result was only adjusted by Rastislav Václavík. Žilina is currently third in the ranking.

MŠK Žilina – MFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš 4:2 (3:1)
goals: 7. Gidi, 22. Kaprálik, 38. Jambor, 57. Ďuriš – 37. Jendrišek, 88. Václavík. Judges: Ruc – Halíček, Zemko, ŽK: Kaprálik, Kopas, Leitner, Myslovič – Jendrišek, Totka, Václavík
Silina: Belko – Rusnák (78. Rusnák), ​​Leitner, Nemčík, Bari (65. Kopásek) – Myslovič (78. Galčík), Kopas, Gidi (63. Stojčevski) – Kaprálik, Jambor (63. Jinril), Ďuriš
L. Mikulas: Sváček – Totka, Mihal, Bedecs, Župa – Václavík, Káčerík, Filinský – Gaži (69. Staš), Jendrišek (78. Voško), Nečas (78. Matoš)

Jaroslav Hynek, coach of MŠK Zilina: “We started the game very well, I think we prepared well for the opponent and we started well. The opponent reacted to the goal with a crossbar, that woke us up and we scored the second goal.”

After that, however, we played passively, which took a long time, and Liptáci managed to use it with a goal of making it 2:1. We talked a lot during the break, we started more concentrated in the second half, but the activity was still average.

With substitutions we changed the organization of the game, especially in the middle of the field, which helped us and we had several break situations, but we should have finished better. Being passive made it seem like we just wanted to finish the game, but it wasn’t like that. Today we led the game more effectively than the opponent and we won.”

Jozef Kostelník, coach of MFK L. Mikuláš: “As for the game, we played a good, balanced game against excellent Žilina, the guys are very well prepared tactically and physically.

We lacked luck at the end, we shot three times on the goal structure, at the end of the half Rusnák kicked the ball from the goal line. We paid for our mistakes in the first and second half and this is repeating game after game.”

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