Mass brawl after the match. Turkish basketball players threaten to leave EC

BRATISLAVA. The basketball player of the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers and the representative of Turkey Furkan Korkmaz was suspended from the game against Georgia at the EuroBasket.

The representatives of the Turkish team revealed after the game that Korkmaz was attacked in the hallway in front of the dressing room of the Tbilisi Arena and they are demanding punishment for those who had a hand in it.

If there is no FIBA ​​penalty for the Georgian team, the Turks are considering leaving the tournament.

Turkish Basketball Federation vice president and former player Omer Onan described the incident.

“While Furkan Korkmaz walked down the hallway to the locker room with our coach, Georgia players, who were not even on the game roster, attacked him along with the suspended player (ed. note: Duda Sanadze) and the police.

There must be no attack on a player entering the locker room. At the end of the match, thirty police officers pushed us into a fight one by one. I called FIBA ​​officials. Let no one deceive themselves or think we are stupid.

We ask that they bring us all the CCTV footage from the hallway, minute by minute without missing a beat. If we do not receive the footage, we will withdraw from this tournament,” Onan said in an official statement.

Assistant coach Hakan Demir took part in the press conference afterwards. Head coach Ergin Ataman was kicked out of the game, just like Korkmaz.

It was a big scandal, said Demir

However, it is necessary to add to the whole situation that it was Korkmaz who, when leaving the board, pointed to the Georgian players to follow him into the locker room.

“Today, the Georgian players and some guards in the hallway did not respect us. We came here to play basketball, not for anything else.

Everything must therefore remain on board, but unfortunately a major scandal took place outside of it. Such things do not fit the spirit of sportsmanship. There was supposed to be a basketball game today, but unfortunately what happened went beyond basketball.

We have two games to go in Georgia and unfortunately what happened on the sidelines today was against the spirit of the sport. We expected a different treatment, but unfortunately that did not happen,” Hakan Demir said at the press conference.

Turkey, among others, is also protesting against the result of the match. During Korkmaz’s argument with Sanadze, 22 seconds passed from the timer, and the referee stopped the game.

Before the whistle, the clock stood at 4:48 until the end of the last quarter, after the scrimmage it was suddenly 4:26.

“We played 22 seconds less today. The fact that it is not just one or two seconds, but 22, makes us think that the situation is not just a random mistake by the competent.

We will also follow this. We came to Georgia expecting to be in a sister country. Yes, there was tension between the players on the pitch today, but we cannot accept what happened next.

The players may have tensions with each other on the field, but off the field they are friends. It is very sad that security was also involved in the incident.

Of course Georgia won the competition, I congratulate them too, but that’s not the point. What really matters is what happens in the corridors,” Demir added.

Lithuania paid extra for the referees

During the third quarter of Sunday’s match between Lithuania and Germany in Cologne, Lithuanian star Jonas Valanciunas was fouled. The German squad already had more than five fouls in the 15 minutes, so free throws followed.

A few seconds after the foul and before the free throws, German head coach Gordon Herbert was awarded a technical foul for which one free throw was awarded.

According to FIBA ​​rules, a free throw for a technical foul must be taken before the two free throws for a foul.

However, Valanciunas shot only two free throws for a regular foul, and he missed both, the Germans caught the ball after the second inaccurate attempt and the game went on as if nothing had happened.

“We say about basketball at the highest level. How can you forget a free throw after a technical foul? I have no idea. The high school referees are better than here,” Jonas Valanciunas said not a word in front of the media.

First, three unconverted free throws were included in the official FIBA ​​record of the meeting. Later, they managed to clear the missed free throw due to a technical foul.

Instagram account posted a photo of Italian referee Manuel Mazzoni whistle for a technical foul.

Marius Grigonis confirmed that the referees have admitted the error, but the change in the score is unlikely to happen again.

“So what? It may have cost us a win. Now they’re going home and that’s it,” Grigonis said after the game.

The most interesting thing about the whole thing is that the referees wanted to award the ‘forgotten’ free throw after the game.

“The umpires wanted us to throw the free throw after the game, but the Germans started protesting and the umpires got scared,” editor Jonas Miklovas quoted Lithuanian coach Maksvytis as saying.

We witnessed two overtimes in the game. The Lithuanian basketball players paid the first foul in regular time, the Germans paid the next foul in overtime.

There were only 6.2 seconds left on the clock. Marius Grigonis rushed to the basket, while German Nils Giffey got in his way.

At first glance, the situation looked like a foul on Grigonis, as Giffey moved slightly to the side of the screen. The replay showed that the movement to the side did not come and the foul was called correctly. More or less correct.

The offensive foul was called, but Grigonis released the ball during contact with the opposing team, leaving Lithuania out of possession, so Germany should have been awarded two free throws and no possession.

If Giffey had moved his body to the side while on screen, it would have been his screen error on Grigonis. However, Giffey kept standing and so Grigonis was the player who illegally broke through him and the umpires rightly whistled an offensive foul.

But the Lithuanian basketball player managed to release the ball before contact. Therefore, according to the rules, two free throws should have been ordered for Germany and no pass from the side.

International tournaments lost a lot of good referees because the FIBA ​​didn’t have the best relationship with the EuroLeague. These are the consequences.

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