Neymar: Football is getting more and more annoying, he said after the Champions League card

PARIS. Marco Verratti sent him a great pass behind the defence, Neymar processed it on his right knee and sealed Paris Saint-Germain’s triumph in Maccabi Haifa 3:1 with his left foot.

However, the joy of a nice goal was thwarted by referee Daniel Siebert, who showed him a yellow card for celebrating the goal.

At the same time, Neymar showed nothing new and the same gesture, when he puts his open palms on his head with his thumbs and sticks out his tongue, has already shown several times in the current season.

However, the German referee, who appeared to be communicating via radio for a moment, did not understand his celebration and Neymar did not understand his decision either.

“Football is getting more and more annoying!” he said in a video on the social network Instagram.

“Another win, congratulations, but let’s move on, huh? Celebration means a yellow card, another one on the list for NJ (Neymar). These things only happen to me. Next time I’ll tell the ref I’m going to to do it,” he said, according to UOL Sports.

After the verdict, a bunch of PSG players gathered around Siebert, but their protests were in vain.

The 30-year-old Brazilian also expresses his frustration on Twitter:

“Lack of respect for the athlete, things like this can’t happen. I got a yellow card for nothing and they keep hurting me. And the referee? He won’t even say he was wrong,” Neymar said. clip of his party with Siebert’s name.

The Brazilian explained in July that the celebratory gesture was a message to his opponents. Haifa’s goal in the net was his eleventh in ten games this season, and he also has seven assists to his name.

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