Regenda believes his great season will continue in the NHL

3.8. 10:01 am

MICHALOVCE – Experience the season as if it came from the realm of dreams! Slovakian ice hockey player Pavol Regenda (22) started last season in the Michaloviec jersey, where he was one of the best players in the extra league. He won a place at the Beijing Olympics, where we won a historic bronze, and at the World Championships in Finland, he was our top scorer with five goals. Thanks to this, NHL clubs noticed him, and the Michaloviec native reached out to Anaheim, where he recently returned from rookie camp.

You came back from camp in Anaheim a few days ago. What did he look like?

– I mainly saw how it goes there and at what professional level it is. I’ve seen the types of workouts and learned a lot off the ice too. I’m glad I could be there and I’m already looking forward to going back. After all, it is a professional league and there are the best conditions for development.

What have you done?

– It was more or less rushed, there weren’t that many training sessions. It was more about getting to know each other, getting to know the environments themselves. It wasn’t difficult, we were mainly occupied with skating on the ice, but before the start of the season it will be a different story. Now it was more about learning and trying.

Did you also meet the players of the Anaheim A-Team?

– The players were not there, they are coming to the main camp in September. Now there were young boys on the service, I was one of the oldest. However, head coach Dallas Eakins and his assistants were not missing. Coaches from the AHL team were also present. Sometimes I felt like there were more coaches on the ice than players, but every one of them was happy to advise and help us if we made a mistake. That was the basis.

Did they also tell you anything specific about the new season or is everything decided at the main camp?

– Yes, everything is decided in the main camp. Now they mainly wanted to see us. But they were satisfied and I had a lot of fun with the fitness trainers, what they imagined and how I could improve. That was the main thing we talked about. The hockey equipment will be discussed during the camp in September.

Did you manage to see anything of the city?

– We had a joint plan and some free time. We were boys in some malls, on the beach, and we even got to play baseball or eat dinner together. They tried to show us the city as much as possible so that we could get to know each other and know how things are going there.

You are having a fantastic season. You started it in Michalovce, it continued with a bronze medal in Beijing, the World Championships and now a contract with an NHL team. What do you say to that?

– It can only be assessed positively. I would never expect such a thing in my life. I am happy that it worked out for me and that Michalovce and the national team made it possible for me, in which they gave me a chance. Now I just have to work hard and get into the first team this season or next season. I believe the fairytale season continues and I will one day play in the NHL.

What do you actually attribute to shooting this way… what has helped you the most?

– I think the main reason is that I got a chance in the national team and the coaches gave me space. The season in Michalovci went well for me, but the most important thing was the national team. There, several agents or scouts could keep an eye on me. That was probably the main reason.

Slovakian hockey didn’t look good at all a few years ago, today the mood is much better thanks to young players like you. What do you attribute this to?

– Under the leadership of coach Craig Ramsay and Miroslav Šatan, a different mentality emerged. That is the main reason and must be continued. No need to be complacent, it would be ideal if we had that many drafted players every year. I am very happy that it worked out for them, because we also play together in the national team. It’s an incredible achievement.

Today, Juraj Slafkovský is practically a sports celebrity, and his life is not easy at home not only in Košice, but also in Montreal. The fans literally fall for him. How is your house in Michalovce?

– When I’m here and I go with the boys to Zemplínská Šírava for a swim, people come to say hello and take pictures. It’s fun and I’m very happy. However, I can’t imagine what Juraj is like as he is already known abroad. I certainly don’t envy him this, but at the same time I wish him very much. It must be a great feeling because you are not called up every day. He is actually a real world celebrity.

It already has its own banknote

A few days ago a 0 euro note came into circulation for collectors with the image of Regend as the first medalist of the Olympic Games from Zemplín. “It’s an honor for me, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I’m glad someone comes up with something like this. It’s the first medal for Zemplin and I will remember it with great pleasure. Hopefully the banknote will help some people and please collectors”, he revealed.

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