Regional football: an ambulance had to come to Malinova, Nitrianska – SME went to the top in the seventh round

Sep 4, 2022 at 9:35 p.m. l Paid content

Another round was played in the regional football leagues of ObFZ Prievidza.

Handlová – Skačany 1:3 (1:0)

The start of the meeting was cautious on both sides. The first serious situation arose in the 11th minute, when Martin Smidka’s attempt to lob the visitors’ keeper from 40 yards went wide of the right-hand post of the visitors’ goal. 17 minutes into the match, after a deflected corner from Bača, the same footballer sent a cross into the visitors’ penalty area and Ondrejka quickly opened the scoring with a shot into the right corner of the penalty area – 1:0. 24 minutes into the match, a direct kick from a visiting Šudík was headed in by captain Ďuriš, Struček’s subsequent effort was deflected for a corner by Mário Smidek. In the 29th minute, Mário Smidka’s shooting attempt flew past the right post of the visitors’ goal after a corner from Bač and a rebound. In the 39th minute Martin Smidka’s shooting attempt was covered by the visitors’ keeper Šimon Stručka after an individual play. 40 minutes into the match, after a pass from Bač, an attempt by Turančík was blocked by the guests defense for a corner, then a header by Turančík went past the right post of the guests’ goal. In the 42nd minute, after a fine individual play by the visiting Petr Stručka and his unpleasant ground shot from the penalty area, home goalkeeper Madarász made an excellent save and kicked the ball to safety.
After the first ten minutes of the second half, in which the home players made no mistake and held on to a small lead, the visiting players gradually shifted into high gear and their shooting attempts and scoring chances increased. In the 56th minute, home goalkeeper Madarász covered a shot from Borch. In the 57th minute he topped off the effort of the visiting footballers with an equalizer after a misunderstanding in the defense of the home side Fuka – 1:1. 63 minutes into the match, after a corner from Bač, Sant’s shot from the penalty area hit the right post of the visitors’ goal. In the 65th minute, the shot attempt flew past the left post of the visitors’ goal, after a nice combined action by the home football players along the Bugár-Poloncy-Jakubis-Martin Smidka axis. In the 72nd minute, after a nice individual play by Petr Stručka and his ground shot, the visiting players took the lead – 1:2. In the 75th minute, a shooting attempt by Martin Smidka from the edge of the penalty area flew past the left post of the guests’ goal. In the 78th minute, after a pass from Knápek, an attempt by Petr Strúčka was eliminated by home goalkeeper Madarász with an excellent save, but after the home players lost the ball, Knápek got to the ball and ended the game with a nice shot in the top right corner – 1:3. In the final minutes, the home football players were unable to score any goals despite their efforts, the experienced football players of the guests ensured the victory without any problems. Igor Belak
goals: 17. J. Ondrejka – 57. T. Fuka, 72. P. Stručka, 79. T. Knápek. R Nagy, 70 viewers
HANDLOVA: M. Madarász – K. Santa (75. P. Ilaš), P. Bublák, D. Poloncy (77. S. Valach), M. Bača, Martin Smidka (80. M. Žiško), J. Ondrejka (20 D. Turančík), M. Kozárik, Mário Smidka, T. Bugár, D. Maruniak (60. D. Jakubis)
SWEATERS: OF. STRUČKA – Tomáš Ďuriš (66. M. Krajčo), P. Duriš, T. Knápek, M. Štálnik, J. Gálus, J. Pagáč (67. P. Chrenko), M. Borcha, P. Stručka, Matúš Ďuriš ( 46. ​​​​T. Fuka), A. Ludík (82. I. Zuzula)

Pravotice – Nitrianske Rudno 0:1 (0:1)
The game was played on a very well maintained, albeit smaller field, where the second half was more of a battle between the 16 players. The guests in the changed line-up played under pressure from the start and the home goalkeeper made some nice saves. The home side only became braver after half an hour when the visitor goalkeeper Báčik shot a corner from outside the penalty area. The result was decided 43 minutes into the game, when Kurinec found Drobec with a beautiful cross, who sent an exhibition target into the home side’s goal with his weaker right foot, 0:1. The visitors won the game in the second half without major problems, even though the home side got an unpleasant free kick from outside the penalty area after 89 minutes, but the well played Tomáš Mikula was able to kick it to safety. The result is fully deserved.
goals: 41. J. Drobec. R Mituch, 150 viewers
RIGHT HAND: V. Flóro – P. Briššák (86. Jaroslav Bitarovský), M. Vaňo, M. Guga, M. Šagát, M. Gális (86. M. Prístupný), P. Netopil, P. Slamka, S. Turek ( 76. M. urech), J. Hanko (63. Martin Bitarovský), M. Stuparič
NITRIAN ORE: OF. Bačík – M. Kurinec, Tomáš Mikula, R. Cebák, D. Jurík, M. Havránek (90. S. Barta), Adam Mikula, J. Drobec, S. Adamec, P. Pružinec (86. L. Caban), B. Barta (46. J. Hronec)
They made an impression: Tomas Mikula, Robert Cebak
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