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Another round was played in the regional football leagues of ObFZ Považská Bystrica. Match overviews supplemented with commentary also with the matches of the matches in the eighth competition and the line-up of the round of play in the seventh.

Nová Dubnica – Lysa pod Makytou 3:3 (3:2)

From the start, excellent football was played by both sides. The home team started better, in the 2nd minute. They opened the score with a puck. Augustín L. Rekem was not immediately surprised. In the 8th minute. Beň’s long shot didn’t surprise the visitors’ goalkeeper. In the 17th minute, after a corner from Augustín, Chodúr equalized with his head. In the 27th min. Bezak only hit the side net after a quick loop and just before that he missed the goal with a shot from the outside. In the 30th minute after escaping through the middle of the field, he sent the home side back into Hadzim’s lead. Immediately, a quick break from Pecuš Tadlanek pushed into the goal and it was 3:1. In the 40th minute, L. Panáček headed a direct kick by Augustín into the net to make it 3:2. Augustín’s timed pass 52, Bezák was unable to convert. In the 55th minute Augustíns cannon, which L. Rekem brilliantly neutralized. In the 60th minute, Bezak shot through the home team’s empty goal. In the 63rd minute. M. Rekem’s long shot almost surprised the visitors’ keeper. In the 70th minute, Augustín had a goal on his shoe, after which a corner was kicked and thanks to Veteška, the visitors tied the score. In the 75th the pass was made by Augustín Bezák, but the goal was not scored. In the 83rd minute, Bezak did not take advantage of Augistín’s pass and the score did not change until the end of the game.
goals: 2. Pecuš, 29. Hadzima, 31. Tadlanek – 16. Chodúr, 41. L. Panáček, 71. Veteška. R Juricek, 50 spectators
N. DUBNISCHA: L. Rekem – Makovec, Sokolík, Adamčík, M. Rekem, Hadzima, Kucharík (79. Vaský), Beňo, Lacher (89. Kňazek), Pecuš, Tadlanek (67. Husár)
BALD: Fojtek – Kováč, Veteška, Mokrička, Drdák, Bodzík (65. D. Panáček), L. Panáček (85. Janíček), Zigo, Chodúr, Augustín, Bezák

Praznov – ebešťanova 0:1 (0:1)
The only goal of the game was scored just before half-time, when Petrík hit the post with a rare action by the guests. The home side pushed, shooting two crossbars and a crossbar, but they were not destined to score a goal in this match, especially not for the best player of the match, Valašík, who twice punched the top post of Hladký’s goal .
goals: 44. K. Petrik. R Zboran, 100 spectators
ČK: 71. Gajdošík (2nd ŽK)
VACATION: Šaradín – M. Tomana, Kresila (74. Orávik), Milo, Hlavoň, M. Gardian (46. Hrnčík), Valašík, P. Tomana, Klabník, Kostelanský, Galát
SEBEŠTANOVA: Hladký – Nemec (85. Šumec), Gajdošík, Severín, Šlesár, Zubek (84. S. Petrík), K. Petrík, Jurdík (55. Španiheľ), M. Petrík, Útly, Zboran so we can assist you.” data-msg-btn-logout=”Log in as another user” data-msg-btn-close=”Keep logged in” >

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