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Regional Football Leagues ObFZ Prievidza continued with another round this weekend.

Nedanovce – Nitrianske Sučany 2:1 (1:0)

Nitrianske Sučany became the favorite in Nedanovice in a strongly weakened line-up, as they were missing up to seven players. Nevertheless, they made a solid starting eleven and were more than a balanced opponent for the home side. Already in the 3rd minute, after a nice pass from Goleja, Matejović rushed to the goal alone, but the referee whistled for the previous violation, leaving no clear advantage to the guests. The guests were knocked to the ground in the 9th minute when their keeper passed the ball poorly, right on the opponent’s leg, and he had no problem scoring into an empty goal, 1:0 for the home side. The guests were then frozen for a while, but after about 15 minutes they came alive and evened the game. In the 30th minute, the visiting Belanec stepped up and hit the crossbar from 35 meters. After the corner, Golej had a great chance to visit, but it only hit the goalkeeper’s legs. The first half ended in 1:0 for the home side. In the second half, the visitors threw everything in attack, they were the better team and were able to equalize with Petráš, who had a good shot. Then, after a light contact in the visiting penalty area, the referee immediately whistled a penalty for the home team and it became 2:1. In the final attack, the home team practically did not make it out of the last 16, the guests were clearly better, but lacked the proverbial luck to equalize.
goals: 9. P. Valíček, 67. M. Masarovič (from 11m) – 63. M. Petráš. R Stransky, 70 spectators
NON TAX PAYERS: T. Blaho – L. Žák, M. Mášik, M. Masarovič, O. Penciak (89. P. Bujna), J. Kosiba, Š. Tadial (68. A. urek), P. Valíček, J. Kúdela (84. M. Novák), M. Poluch, R. Mrocek
NITRIAN SUCANA: Lukáš Matejovič – F. Golej, P. Šrámka, M. Fodor (81. L. Lacko), M. Belanec, T. Olej, M. Petraš, M. Krivosudský, A. Pišta, Ján Matejovič, Tomáš Matejovič (62. M. Fergel)
They made an impression: Jaroslav Kosiba, Marek Belanec
Marek Miklas

Handlová – abokreky nad Nitrou 1:2 (1:2)
The local miners entered the meeting weakened by two key football players, Martin Bača and Martin Smidka. The home side made the first dangerous move, after Santa’s breakaway and his centered ball, Valach’s shot was covered by visiting goalkeeper Jánošek. In the next few minutes, the game was played in the middle of the field and the home defense managed the unpleasant signals from the visiting footballers. In the 13th minute after the activity of Šuhajda and P.Balaška, Kajan’s ground shot attempt from outside the box ended in the bottom left corner of the home goal – 0:1. In the 18th min. Balaška’s shot was blocked by home goalkeeper Iláš and, after confusion in the home defence, Šuhajda put the ball in the net – 0:2. In the 27th minute along the Bublák-Kozárik-Maruniak line, he escaped on his own across half the field on the left and shot the right post from the penalty area to put the home side into the game – 1:2. From the counter, a nice shooting attempt by the visiting Slivka from outside the penalty area was headed for a corner by home goalkeeper Iláš. In the 32nd minute, the ground center of Šuhajd ran through the entire penalty area of ​​the home footballers. In the 35th minute after a direct kick by Bublák, a cross by Mário Smidek from outside the penalty area ended up just wide of the right post of the visiting goal. In the 36th minute after a corner from Bugár, Ondrejka’s header was covered by visiting goalkeeper Jánošek. In the 38th minute after a pass from Šuhajda, Kováčik made a nice individual action, his shot ended up next to the left post of the home goal. so we can assist you.” data-msg-btn-logout=”Log in as another user” data-msg-btn-close=”Keep logged in” >

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