Relationships That Are Healthy For A Beautiful Life

There are five relationships going on at the same time in happy relationships. Healthy relationships are built on each person’s relationship with himself or herself. The relationship with oneself is the foundation of all relationships. Both sides must have overcome their denial systems to some extent, acquired some level of self-awareness, and become willing to accept responsibility for themselves. In principle, each must be a distinct individual in his or her own right. . They are.

This relationship with oneself is a source of joy and expansion, but it requires time and nurture to develop. To build a relationship with oneself, one must spend peaceful time alone, time to enrich one’s soul. It takes time to develop a relationship with oneself. Truly having a relationship with our own process ties us to the process of the cosmos.

The next two relationships that arise in healthy relationships are each person’s fantasy relationship with the other. Each person has a fantasy about what is go in on with the other and about who the other is. It is vital in healthy relationships to bring these imagined relationships into the conscious self, study them, and make them available to and share them with others. These partnerships can be a lot of fun, and as long as we recognize them for what they are, they can enrich our relationships with ourselves and others.

The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of goods and services over the internet. It is predicated on the previous four being produced, maintained, and “cleaned up” as needed. Not that we have to be flawless to have a connection; partnerships give a significant field for growth and self-awareness, and paradoxically, they must exist intentionally and be worked with, because the interaction between the self and the other demands risk-taking. To have this relationship, you must be able to see yourself and the other, as well as respect their processes. This interaction provides a wealth of information to the self. to the left are some photos from a recent trip to Japan.

The emphasis in healthy partnerships is on respecting one’s own approach. When this happens, each person – almost by default – appreciates and supports the other person’s path as well as his or her own.

Healthy relationships require supporting one other, although these is no concentrate upon “fixing” the other person. Each person’s process is respected and it is accepted that each must do what he or she must. It is accepted that if I have feelings over what the other person does, these are my feelings, which I must deal with as best I can. Commitment does not imply incarceration. It is each person’s commitment to his or her own process, sharing that process, and respecting the processes of others.

A healthy relationship is an open system, which means that both external and internal information is sought, listened to, and addressed. As a result, in good relationships, choices are critical, and the production of options allows for growth and innovation. Choices are not dangers.