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Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal of the season in Thursday’s Europa League game and the Manchester boss thinks it will give him confidence.


16/09/2022 15:54

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Cristiano Ronaldo in the match against Tiraspol.

United won 2:0 on the pitch against Šerif Tiraspoľ, Ronaldo scored from a penalty in the 39th minute.

Ronaldo was previously not in the starting XI in any of the previous four Premier League games and in the previous EL clash when Manchester lost at home to Real Sociedad.

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This time, coach Erik ten Hag gave him a chance from the start and before halftime, the 37-year-old footballer scored his 699th career goal at club level.

The Hag expects to add more soon: “He needed that goal. He had chances before, but he always wanted too much. We are also happy for him, the team wanted him to score this goal. He didn’t have ideal preparation, but if he gets fitter, he will score more goals.”

On social networks, a video appeared in which Ronaldo enters the bowels of the stadium after half-time, refusing a request from a medic for a photo.

The Portuguese’s critics recalled an incident from April this year when, in a fit of rage over a loss, he ripped a mobile phone from the hand of one of Everton’s home fans and damaged it.

It soon became clear that the boy was autistic. The police closed the case with a warning.

As usual, another group on social networks defends Ronaldo. In her defense, she published photos of her hugging a small fan in a jersey with his name on it before the match with Tiraspol. The situation is said to take place near the hotel where United’s players were staying:

Happy with Sancho

In addition to Ronaldo, the United coach was also impressed by the performance of Jadon Sancho, who opened the scoring in the 17th minute as he successfully completed Christian Eriksen’s pass.

Sancho has scored three goals in the last six games.

“I am really happy with him. He also scored a lot of goals in training. He is doing well, but I think there is still a lot of room for improvement,” said Hag.

In Group E second place is for Manchester, Real Sociedad San Sebastian leads with a full 6 points.

Alex Ferguson Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pele - Cristiano Ronaldo.

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