Rusnák is looking forward to his debut in the national team. Calzona put an insect in his head

BRATISLAVA. Slovakian footballer Matej Rusnák is one of three newcomers in the nomination to coach Francesco Calzona’s national team for Slovakia’s 2022/2023 League of Nations games against Azerbaijan and Belarus in September.

The twenty-three-year-old right-back of the club MŠK Žilina has never been to a match of the national team, nor has he played in youth selections.

“When the nomination came out, I didn’t have my phone in my hand. Then it started ringing and I understood that he had arrived. Then I watched the coach’s press conference,” Rusnák told the official Fortuna league website. .

“I’m glad he knows who I am. It was clear from his words that he watched our matches and knows my game. He indicated that he liked it, which is a plus for me. The coach said it’s only to me is how I will show in training and competitions.

He put a bug in my head and really motivated me. I will do everything I can to impress him,” added the Levy native on the occasion of his premiere in the nomination of the Slovakian national team.

His club mate Dávid Ďuriš and former “Shošon” and now Dunajská Streda player Miroslav Káčer also came in for the first time.

Rusnák is looking forward to meeting the best Slovakian footballers, especially Matúš Ber, with whom he worked at AS Trenčín in the past.

“I want to do my best. Of course I would be very happy if I could run onto the field in the Slovakian national team jersey, but I already appreciate the opportunity to be part of the collective in the national team and to to know guys I saw on television as a little kid. My dream has come true. Now I want to take small steps to become known to Slovakian football fans,” he concluded.

The author of three goals in 71 Fortuna League matches claims he deserved the invitation to the national team through hard work.

“I believe it can be an inspiration for players who are not particularly talented not to give up football. I also knew a lot of guys with great talent, but over time they became average players, some don’t even deserve a living I’ve always felt very sorry for that.

I’m saying that too much talent can sometimes be harmful, because everyone expects a lot from you. If I had to express it in the language of numbers, I think talent does a maximum of twenty percent,” Rusnák thinks.

One dream has already come true for him, but he does not want to put undue pressure on himself.

“I don’t like to look too far ahead. I believe that with small steps I can achieve more. It would not be good if I jumped straight to a big club, where I would not have the necessary playing time and therefore the opportunity to develop .

Everyone would love to play in an elite league for their favorite foreign club, but I’m only looking a meter and a half ahead. Now my goal is to stay in the national team to get an invitation again,” added Rusnák, who provided one goal assist in ten games of the 2022/2023 season.

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