SBL: Lučenec fights for double against Lions in SBL final

BRATISLAVA. The winner of the Nike Slovak Basketball League in the 2021/2022 season will be determined between the Patrioti Levice and BKM Lučenec basketball players.

Both teams have already won one trophy this year, the Levite team won the Alpine-Adriatic Cup and the Lučen team won the Slovak Cup.

Lučenec can get a double

The Patriots are back in the finals after a year, the “Pelicans” after 16 years. The winning streak of four games starts on Saturday, April 23 at 6:00 PM in Levicia.

As the winner of the regular competition, Levice’s players had an easier way to the final. They only made it to the semi-finals in the playoffs, in a repeat of last year’s final, they put an end to the Spišské Rytiers’ hopes of defending the championship title. They eliminated the still reigning champions 3:1 for matches.

“By going to the finals and playing for the title, we are one step closer to fulfilling our secret goal and dream. At the same time, it is a motivation for us to fight for the title and be satisfied after the season with the way we have worked. I believe that in every game we will fight to the limit and chase our dreams,” said Patriot captain Michal Madzin.

Lučenec already entered the elimination round in the opening round, first beating Svit 2:0 in matches and then facing Komárno 3:1 in matches.

“I think playing for the league title is the highest motivation possible. Winning the Slovak Cup was a great experience for our group, but it didn’t have a positive or negative impact on how we reached the final.

This is a special opportunity at any time in a coaching career. Many very good coaches don’t get such an opportunity throughout their careers, that’s why I’m lucky to have the opportunity to get such an experience in the very first year in the position of head coach,” Lučenac’s coach revealed, Daniel Sokolovsky.

The left will repeat their participation in the final

The Patriots will try to improve on their finish from last season, which they finished with a silver medal. However, they will face a determined opponent, with whom they have an identical record of two wins and two defeats in the current season.

“Our battles with Lučenac were very balanced during the season. We played the first game of the season with them at home, we lost to them by only 3 points. But it’s a different phase of the season.

All meetings will be very demanding, the teams will be well prepared for each other and small things will decide. I think it’s not just about who will fight more, but it’s going to be a tactical battle.

The teams have been getting to know each other for ten months, so maybe it’s about who comes up with something new to surprise the opponent with. The details will be decisive,” said David Abhám, Levic’s winger.

Lučenec entered the battle for the championship title after 16 years, during the last participation in 2006 under the ESO banner it was the most precious metal.

Now the “Pelicans” can repeat the feat of the Spiš knights from the 2021/2022 season, when they managed to win the championship title and the Slovak Cup.

“If someone had told me before the season that we would win the Slovak Cup and play in the Nike SBL final, I probably wouldn’t have believed them (smiles), although of course we all wish that before the start of the season.” .

As the season went on I started to understand our game better and that maybe we could win the Slovak Cup, which we eventually did. Of course we now also want to win the competition. For this it is necessary to win four matches.

From the final I expect every match to be extremely demanding and physical. Perhaps the details will decide them as both teams know each other very well. It will be balanced fights. I believe we will provide quality basketball to the fans,” said Lučenac winger Lukáš Bolek.

The final series of the Nike SBL is played for four winning matches, the name of the winner of the 2021/2022 season will be announced no later than May 14.

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