Talented basketball player Nina Janštová talks about the European Under-18 Championship of 2022

She is tall 186 centimeters. The Slovakian basketball player led the Slovakian national team with her appearances at the European Under-18 Championships in the B division. She was one of four players in the tournament to average a double-double: 10 points and 11.5 rebounds per game.

Eighteen years old NINA JANŠTOVÁ she already announced her achievements last season in the highest Slovakian women’s basketball league in Slovakia.

She averaged more than 22 minutes per game on the EXZ boards and managed to add 10.9 points per game in the Bystrica Cougars shirt.

“I would like to represent the Slovak Republic in basketball in one of the top competitions, such as the European Championship, World Cup or the Olympic Games. To make a basket in the last second from the floor of the field and thus win the match and give each of my teams only wins,” said Janštová in an interview for MyZvolen.sme.sk in 2021.

What are your feelings about the tournament?

I think we did a great performance. We gave our best in every game and it showed in the result. The whole tournament was full of energy and determination to get the best possible result.

Is fourth place satisfactory?

Actually, I did not expect that we would get this far. Although they say fourth place is thankless, for me it is an achievement.

The third quarter was the Achilles heel in the last two matches, why?

The opponent put us under pressure from the beginning of the quarter, who got the balls and baskets were easily scored from there. This created a lead that was already difficult to overtake.

Did you set a goal as a team before the start of the tournament?

Our goal was to perform as best we could and get out of the group so we could keep fighting for 1st to 8th place.

Did you also have a personal goal?

My main goal was not to get injured and to show what I can do in basketball.

Had the most offensive rebounds per game in the tournament (5). Do you train your game under the basket in a special way?

No, I don’t train. Rebounds are mostly about the desire and determination to fight for the ball.

Do you regret not being among the top five players of the tournament?

I don’t regret it because I didn’t even expect it.

What does your basketball future look like?

I mainly want to focus on school. I want to play basketball after school. However, I am open to any possibility or offer.

Do you expect more minutes on the scoreboard next season in Banská Bystrica? Or have you talked to coach Michálik about the future?

No, we haven’t talked specifically about the future yet. But in some matches I expect a little more playing time.

Banská Bystrica team owner Juraj Koval said they plan to sign three American women for the new season. Are you ready to fight on the board for minutes?

Yes I am. Nothing is free, so you have to fight in training and in matches.

Do you have your basketball role model?

I have no role model, neither from abroad nor from Slovakia.

What do you expect from yourself in the coming season?

Improve and advance in basketball experience. As for the goals of the team, to finish in the first three places and thus win a medal in the competition.

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