The officer compared Vinicius Junior to a monkey, Neymar and Pelé defended him

SAO PAULO. Brazilian footballer Vinícius Júnior was the target of a racist statement by Spanish agent Pedro Bravo, who compared him to a monkey. The Real Madrid player received support from several compatriots, including the famous Pelé.

Bravo is annoyed by the way Junior celebrates a goal and said on TV that the striker should stop dancing.

“You have to respect your opponents. If you want to celebrate a goal with samba, you have to go to Sambadrome. You have to respect other players and not behave like a monkey,” DPA quoted Bravo as saying.

The statement infuriated Newcastle United’s Bruno Guimaraes, who immediately responded on the social network Twitter.

“They should handcuff him! There’s no excuse for that! If he says this in front of the cameras, imagine what he’s saying in private. It’s incomprehensible if they don’t lock him up,” the Brazilian Football Association said. player made no secret of his indignation.

Neymar reacted more mildly and posted a photo of Junior on the social network Instagram. “Juggle, dance, be yourself! Rejoice in your own way. Go for it boy, next goal we dance,” the Paris Saint-Germain player wrote in the post.

Junior responded by posting a photo of himself in a Brazilian shirt alongside Guimaraes and Neymar.

Pelé also supported the 22-year-old attacker. “Football is a party. It’s a dance. And more than that, it’s a real party. Even though racism still exists unfortunately, we don’t let that stop us from smiling,” said the three-time world champion on Instagram.

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