The school sports competitions have started in full swing. We know how basketball ended – WE

Pupils from Bozena Slančíková Timrava High School in Lučensk dominated the district round. The draw did not go their way in that region, although they could also reach for medals.

LUČENEC. After the relaxation of the measures, not only official competition matches, but also school sports events went into full swing. For example, secondary school students could run outside again after many months on the playing fields of sports fields and gymnasiums.

One of the first major events in downtown Novohrad was the high school basketball tournament, which took place on Thursday, April 21 at the ŠH on Fándlyho Street.

They dominated the district round and won all matches

Lučenec was represented in the regional round of the competition by the students of the Božena Slančíková Timrava Gymnasium. Led by experienced gym coach Ivan Krnáč, they already won their way to the regional round at the beginning of April (April 7). They clearly dominated the district round as they successively defeated the Business Academy (16:12), the private gymnasium Lučenecké (17:8), the construction school (14:3) and finally the HSD SOŠ, in a ratio of 18:0.

The division of groups in the regional round was not favorable to them

After returning from the Easter holidays, the GBST students faced a challenge in the form of a regional round. Six schools – winners of the neighborhood rounds – gathered in the “old hall”. The teams were divided into two groups of three schools each. The draw was not very kind to the high school students from Lučensk, as they were assigned two strong teams, whose colors were defended by several first division teams from Žiar nad Hronom and Banská Bystrica.

Despite this, the young Lučenians, as they say, did not immediately throw a “flint in the rye”, and trying to fight for the opportunity to play for the highest ranks, they gave their best. However, the basketball experience and playfulness of their opponents were on the side of the opponents.

Despite a successful second half, they finally succumbed to their peers at the Milan Rúfus Gymnasium in Žar, in the ratio 30:22 (21:6, 9:16), and to the students of the JG Tajovského Gymnasium in Banská Bystrica by a score from 9:22 (5:11, 4:11).

The ranking of the teams and the promotion key of the basic group thus only relegated them to the battle for fifth place. In the clashes for the final position, they met their peers from SOŠ Jesenského in Tisovec. Lučenec high school students dominated this game and dominated in both halves. They won the first with a score of 10:3 and the second with a score of 7:3.

“Although we took the last fifth place, I dare say that we could also have reached the medal positions. However, the first draw of the base groups played against us, in which we “caught” strong teams of Žiar nad Hronom and Banská Bystrica. were clearly better teams, they were characterized by teamwork and experience in competition basketball. The second group was clearly weaker in performance. However, nothing happens, the guys from our GBST gave fighting performances and fought as hard as they could despite the unfavorable draw,” said team leader Ivan Krnáč, physical education teacher at BS Timravy Gymnasium in Lučenac, exclusively for our website after the tournament.

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