Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics: Chinese diver won gold at age 14

BRATISLAVA. At her age, many of her peers have no idea which high school they will choose.

China’s Chüan Chungchan became an Olympic champion at the age of 14. She was victorious by jumping into the water from a ten-meter tower.

She left behind all her rivals, including silver compatriot Chen Yu-si and bronze Melissa Wu from Australia.

The young Chinese woman followed the amazing performance of another diver from the world’s most populous country.

When Fu Ming-sia was victorious at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she was about to turn fourteen.

Supports a sick mother financially

Qian Chungchan was born in March 2007, less than a year and a half before the start of the Beijing Olympics. In Tokyo, she is the youngest member of the 431-member Chinese delegation.

She started diving when she was seven years old in the coastal prefecture of Zhangjiang in southeastern China. Her motivation is also supported by the efforts to financially support her ailing mother.

She won the National Championship last October and the current Olympics are her first international event at the senior level.

“There’s a new girl from China that the world hasn’t seen before. Her performance is very stable and she has not lost at home yet. She won the national championships by more than 440 points,” Yang Zhuliang, the former China and Malaysia national team, told before the start of the Olympics.

Performance in the final? Perfection exists

After Chüan Chungchan took second place in Wednesday’s qualifier, she did a jumping gala a day later. She won the semifinals and the final.

In it, for some jumps with a difficulty of 3.2 she received the maximum number of points from all judges – ten. She took first place in each of the last five rounds.

In total she scored 466.20 points in the final, breaking the Olympic record (447.70).

She was more than forty points ahead of the silver medalist, third in order by nearly 95 points.

“Perfection exists. It could be seen when the women dive from a ten-meter tower,” commented on the young Chinese woman’s amazing performance.

Two different generations were represented on the podium. The Chinese women Chüan Chungchan (14) and Chen Yu-si (15) are together as old as the Australian Wu (29).

China has won six gold medals from the seven disciplines in diving at the Tokyo Olympics.

She is not the youngest champion

The portal also drew attention to the fact that the recent Olympic champion in diving from a ten-meter tower was not originally going to start in Tokyo. It helped her that the matches were postponed for a year because of the pandemic.

The dominance of the aforementioned Fu Ming-sia prompted the governing body of this sport to introduce a rule according to which divers who are at least 14 years old can participate in the Olympics.

This is not the first success of extremely young female athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Japanese skateboarders, 12-year-old Kokona Hirakiová (silver) and Momiji Hirakiová, one year older, who became Olympic champion in the street discipline, also enjoyed winning a medal.

13-year-old Brazilian Rayssa Lealová and British Sky Brownová also reached the podium in skateboarding.

“Skateboarding is a lot of fun and interesting. I hope as many people as possible will try it,” Hiraki told

Tokyo 2020/2021 Summer Olympics

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