Video: Horse got stuck, pentathlon lost gold at Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics

TOKYO. Tears streamed down her cheeks, desperately trying to get the horse to cooperate. However, Saint Boy didn’t even want to move.

German Annika Schleuová after two disciplines she led the women’s modern pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics, but eventually finished in 31st place. She lost the leading position in the third part, namely in horse riding.

Four jumps and nothing

The horse Saint Boy froze, didn’t even want to move for a long time, and although he finally started, he only made the first four jumps. After that, he threw down several obstacles and in the end refused to cooperate at all.

Five-time world champion Schleuová had to give up this discipline, not taking a single point out of a possible 300. Although she was consistently first in swimming and fencing, the horse robbed her of any chance of a medal.

In the modern pentathlon, horses are allocated by lottery to participants only 20 minutes before the race. This solution has its roots in the fact that the modern pentathlon was a military sport and horses in the army were allocated as needed.

In parkour, the pentathlete must complete 12 obstacles and a total of 15 jumps. Points are deducted from the initial value of 300 for fouls, e.g. 7 points for dropping a jump, 10 points for disobedience of the horse. Points are also deducted for exceeding the time limit.

The horse didn’t believe itself

As many as six participants from the Olympic starting field for women finished without a point in parkour, two of them were assigned to 15-year-old Saint Boy. In addition to Schleuova, even the Russian Gulnaz Gubaidullinová did not know how to deal with him.

“I tried everything, but he wouldn’t move. I started to cry. I didn’t expect him to finally trot. I felt the horse lacked confidence,” Schleu, 31, was quoted as saying by the AP agency.

The German Olympic Committee stressed that changes to the modern pentathlon would be desirable so that “both the animals and the riders are protected”.

Britain’s Kate French became the winner of the race. After a great finish in the final combined discipline, which included running and shooting, Laura Asaduskaiteová from Lithuania finished in second place and Sarolta Kovácsová from Hungary took third.

Tokyo 2020/2021 Summer Olympics

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