What can you look forward to in Slovakian 3×3 basketball? Representative events and domestic tournaments

17.5.2022 12:00

Summer is coming and traditionally a new season in 3×3 basketball. What can the fans look forward to and what awaits the national teams? We talked about it with the head of the men’s department, Ondrej Haviar, and the head of the women’s department, Richard Kamenský.

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Compared to last season, most things remain the same for the men. “As for the under-23 team, we will remain more or less in the same line-up as last year, but there will also be two or three new faces. In the men’s area there is also an interesting line-up consisting mainly of members of us current best team Meferes Prievidza”, Haviar revealed.

The teams have already completed the first stops of the traditional 3×3 SBA Tour, in mid-May they tested their strength in Košice, at the end of the month in Žiar nad Hronom. In addition to the domestic tour, many representative events are also scheduled.

“The senior team is waiting for qualification for the European Championships in Israel in early June. Under-23 team, two stops in the Nations League are waiting and the highlight will be our participation in the Under-23 World Cup in Romania in October. The goals are clear . To prepare as best you can, go from match to match in tournaments and try to get the best possible result.” Haviar also commented on qualifying for the European Championship, which awaits both the men’s and women’s games at the end of this week.

Is there noticeable progress in the national team? “We will not be able to judge whether progress has been made until the end of the summer. As I said, we will do everything we can to move higher in terms of performance, but also in the ranking of countries.” said Ondrej Haviar.

In what style does the preparation of the events take place and how are the nominations made? “In May, the men’s section is mainly prepared for domestic tournaments, and there is also a joint training with the under-23 team. Our 23 will work in the same way as last year.

The aim is that as many boys from the squad as possible participate in as many tournaments as possible, there are four training camps planned that end with a tournament from the Slovakian tour and we would like to attend at least two foreign tournaments.”

Slovakia will also make its first appearance at the Under-23 World Championships, which it is also preparing for. “The World Cup is the highest peak that can be achieved in this category. Basically all summer, all tournaments and camps, both stops in the Nations League will be the preparation for this event for us.” added Javier finally.

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The female part of the national team is gradually rejuvenating the team and will continue to do so in the coming months. “Since last season, there has been a generational change and continues to this day. Gradually, girls born in 2000 and 2001 will also join the wider representation,” said the head of the women’s department, Richard Kamenský.

Which program and which season does the national women’s team expect? “Competition participation is almost identical to last season. Women are waiting for qualification for the European Championship in Israel and the highest women’s competition, the Women Series.

Girls under 23 will participate in the Nations League, including one round in Bratislava and the second round in Szolnok, Hungary. The goals are the same, place as high as possible. We will definitely be the youngest team in the women’s category, so we want to gain valuable experience again and every win in this competition will be valuable.”

When changing generations, patience is especially important, female players also need to gain experience. “The progress we made last season, as we got better in every game or tournament, is significant. Whether it was the girls under 23 or the women who won the group in the Women Series tournament in Romania. this season, we have to wait and see. As I said, the generational change always takes its toll, but we have patience.”

Nominations for Women’s Individual Tournaments will be based on camps held prior to the events.

Program of the Slovakian 3×3 tour:

4.6. – Lučenec

11.6. – Bratislava – Petržalka

25.6. – Sit down

9.7. – A mosquito

23.7. – Handlová

6.8. – Trencin

13.8. -Eurovea – Bratislava FINAL

24.9. – 25.9. – FIBA ​​World Tour – Utrecht, Netherlands (winner SBA 3×3 Tour)

Representations: dates to be announced

3.6. – 4. 6. Qualification Eurocup Men/Women, Tel Aviv, Israel

1.7. – 3.7. FIBA 3×3 U23 Nations League, Bratislava, Slovakia

2.8. – 4.8. FIBA 3×3 U23 Nations League, Szolnok, Hungary

5.10. – 9.10 – FIBA ​​​​​​3×3 U23 World Cup, Bucharest, Romania

FIBA Women’s series – 10 events in the months of May – September

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