Women’s tennis is similar to baseball. When I comment, I often look in vain for a tactic

Daniela Hantuchová is a television expert for Amazon Prime at Roland Garros. He comments on the matches with Tim Henman, Martina Navrátilová is also in their team of experts.

This week Hantuchová will also take to the field, together with Navrátilová she will participate in doubles in the legends tournament, in which Gabriela Sabatiniová and Lindsay Davenportová will also start.

The 39-year-old former tennis player gave an interview to Denník N and Czech Radio in Paris.

You have been a television commentator for a long time. What do you think of this feature?

Good now. The first year I felt like being thrown into the water and learning to swim, now it takes less energy. I know what to expect and I have a different relationship with the players than before. The greatest satisfaction for me is when fans say how much they enjoy our broadcasts. Tim Henman and Marcus Buckland and I have been working together for a long time and we have a great energy. We often have to hold back not to smile for the cameras.

What has this job brought you?

Very much, it enriched me. We’ve been here all our lives to learn, and I’m glad I can grow in a completely different direction. It’s a challenge because I still have to learn, and like tennis I still want to progress and be the best at it. I appreciate the offers keep coming. At the same time, I enjoy life, although it is difficult during big tournaments, but I know I have a chance after that.

Do you also learn from colleagues?

Sure, for example, Tim Henman is great. Marcus Buckland previously worked for Sky for many years and is also involved in Premier League football. They both give me great advice. I’m the type that always asks for feedback. When I started I was surprised I didn’t get it. After the tennis match I knew whether I won or lost. In this new position, I was wondering, can someone tell me if I’m doing it right? Over time, I’ve learned that it’s okay if they don’t say anything. However, I still go to the director and producer to tell me what I can improve on.

During the interviews, do you notice a difference between the tennis players you have caught up with as a player and the younger generation?

I prefer to compare interviews with tennis players. Men give me much more and go into detail. Roger [Federera] just ask one question and I’ll have a five minute submission. While the ladies either have to drag me or I feel like they’re already on Instagram somewhere instead of talking. I don’t know, but that’s my experience.

However, women’s tennis also has prominent personalities who also draw attention to non-tennis topics, for example Iga Świąteková or Naomi Osaková.

Świątek is great in interviews, she is a real top. I often feel that the way players play tennis is how they conduct interviews. If they are wise in court, they are wise in conversation. This also applies to discipline – those who are disciplined in court are not late for interviews.

However, Serbian journalists say that Novak Djoković is often late.

He dares not be late with me. He knows he would

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