Would you say these movie stars are in their 60s? Oh, they look great!

Age overtakes us all. This year, several famous movie stars celebrate their birthday and join the “60 Club”. However, many of them look very good for their age, even to the point that you wouldn’t guess. Who is celebrating this year and which famous people are in their 60s, even if they don’t look like that at all?

They are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year / They’re in their 60s, but you wouldn’t say that

Celebrities turning 60 this year

Tom Cruise

For his 60th birthday this year, Cruise treated himself to a new episode of Top Gun, which became a huge hit and at the same time his most profitable project. He celebrated Okrúhliny on July 3rd and is still actively involved in the acting and production of his films. He is also likely to become the first American to make a film directly in orbit.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore celebrates her birthday on November 11. During her career to date, she has starred in over 60 movies and series, the most popular being Ghost, Charlie’s Angels and the action movie GI Jane. Her voice is also one of the unforgettable ones, she mentioned many famous fairy tale characters, for example Esmeralda from Zvonár u Matky Boža.

Steve Carell

Recently, specifically on August 16, Steve Carell celebrated his 60th birthday. While his comedic roles as Michael from the sitcom Kancel or Andy from 40 Years of Panic come to mind, Carell also has some great dramatic films in his repertoire. We especially recommend his portrayal of a serial killer in sports Fox Hunt, for which he received an Oscar nomination.

Jodie Foster

Jodie is having a birthday party on November 19th. During her career, she starred in more than 80 films and series and received two Oscars and dozens of other awards. She first appeared on TV screens as a 3-year-old in a small role. Her unforgettable films include The Silence of the Lambs, Contact and Taxi Driver.

Bob Odenkirk

The name Bob Odenkirk may be less familiar to some. You know the actor, who celebrates his 60th birthday on October 22, as lawyer Saul from the fantastic series The Gingerbread Man. The actor also got his own series Better Call Saul, which ended this year with its sixth series and was ranked among the best on TV for the last time. He won two Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character.

Michelle Yeo

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has been a member of the Club 60 for a few weeks. In the 80s she played the role of Jackie Chan, but nowadays she also likes to cut the main character. Among her most famous projects are the films Tiger and the Dragon, the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan and the recent series about Marco Polo. This year’s great film Everything, Everywhere, At Once aspires to multiple Oscars, including the award for the actress in the lead role.

Jim Carrey

The unforgettable comedian Jim Carrey has also turned 60 since January. Who doesn’t love an actor who looks like he has no cheekbones during his grimaces? Jim portrayed many characters, including Ace Ventura, Mask, and Bruce Almighty. If you want to see the actor in a dramatic role, we highly recommend the original Truman Show, for which he won a Golden Globe.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes began his acting career in the 1980s and celebrated his 60th birthday in July. He is the hero of both comedies and action movies – from his works we can highlight Blade, Demolitor with Stallone, Indestructible and the new Dolemite. The most famous, however, is probably his 1990s incident when police arrested him for speeding at 80mph.

Matthew Broderick

Brodecik’s most famous role is undoubtedly Ferris Bueller in the comedy of the same name about his day off. However, he also starred in dramatically tuned films such as Place by the sea or You can trust on me. He also mentioned famous animated characters, you can hear his voice in the original version of The Lion King of Lord of the Bees. The actor celebrated his 60th birthday exactly on March 21.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell’s most famous role was undoubtedly Doris in The Big Victory, a sports film about women playing baseball during World War II. She also appeared in this year’s remake of the series. You certainly know her from her comedic roles, for example Berry from The Flintstones or the voice of Terk in the animated film Tarzan. On March 21, she celebrated her birthday with Broderick.

Jon Bon Jovic

Jon Bon Jovi celebrated his 60th birthday in early March. His name is also associated with the film industry, he has composed songs for many movies and series, while also being nominated for an Oscar for Blaze of Glory. He has a Grammy music award at home, especially for the best country song of 2007.

Axl Rose

Band frontman Axl Rose celebrated his 60th birthday on February 6. His hits were featured in great movies like Terminator 2, Spider’s Lie or Goodbye, Baby. However, he has not yet won any of the three Grammy nominations. The band’s biggest hits are Patience, Welcome to the Jungle and Don’t Cry.

Ralph Fiennes

The last Hollywood actor on our list is Ralph Fiennes. He will be the last to celebrate his 60th birthday, two days before Christmas. You may know him as the treacherous Amon from Schindler’s List or Voldemort from the Harry Potter film series. During his career he received dozens of awards and two Oscar nominations – in addition to Spielberg’s classic, also for The English Patient.

These are well into their sixties, but would you say that?

Julianne Moore

Would you say that Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore is already 60? In December 2020 she celebrated her birthday. She started her career relatively late, before her thirties. He has dozens of great movies to his credit, including Magnolia, Descendants of People, and Still Me. During her acting career, she collected many awards and another 160 nominations.

Colin firth

Another Oscar-winning actor – Colin Firth – previously celebrated his 60th birthday. The British talent had a round birthday on September 10, 2020. He won the gold statuette for the movie of the year King’s Speech, in which he played the stuttering King George VI. He has also won awards from prestigious film festivals in Venice and Cannes. They even co-starred with Julienne Moore in the movie Single Man.

Denzel Washington

The timeless film hero Denzel Washington is just in his 70s. In December he will celebrate his 70th birthday in two years’ time. Despite his advanced age, he continues to amaze with his daring roles and films. He also played important historical figures such as Malcoln X, Roman J. Israel and Frank Lucas. However, he won his two Oscars for Training Day and Glory.

George Clooney

The darling of the female crowd, George Clooney, joined the 60 Club last May. His acting career began in the late 1970s in television series, later he appeared in films. Today we know him as Michael Clayton, Harry from Burn After Reading and Danny from the heist trilogy. Like Denzel, he also has two Oscars to his name (the latter for producing Argo).

Antonio Banderas

The popular Spanish actor, known for roles like Zorro and Desperado, has also been a member of Club 60 for two years. Despite this, he has 5 film projects in the works. He did not receive his first Oscar nomination until 2020. The last time we could see him in the cinema was the attractive actor Félix from the movie Movie of the Year.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

You certainly wouldn’t say Julia Louis-Dreyfus is already in her sixties. Still young and beautiful, the actress broke through in the 90s thanks to the character of Elaine in the series Seinfeld. She is currently working on three films and recently wrapped up the HBO series Veep. She is the holder of 11 Emmy awards for serial work and also has a Golden Globe for the aforementioned sitcom.

Meg Ryan

Can you imagine a 90s romantic couple without Meg Ryan playing the female role? We neither. During her career, she melted the hearts of Nicolas Cage, Billy Crystal and Tom Hanks in movies – even twice. She last appeared in a movie in 2015 and is now enjoying her acting retirement.

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